When the Cheapest Option Isn't the Best for Your Health

Shopping around for the cheapest product can save lots of money, but sometimes it's not always the best option. When your health could be at risk, a slightly higher-priced product can be the better, and healthier, or even a safer option. Here are some examples.

Vaporizers and oils

There are lots of options for purchasing vaporizers and the oils to go with them. Some may be significantly cheaper than others, but this doesn't mean you should choose those. There are some retailers, such as Davinci Vaporizers where the vaporizer cost is reasonably priced, for high-quality products, without being too low.

Never buy the cheapest option as this could be harmful to your health. Always compare the ingredients and research anything you don't understand. It's possible to get mid-priced vaping products that won't have a harmful effect on your health.


Buying junk food in bulk might save you money, but can cause obesity, diabetes, heart problems and so many other health conditions. It's possible to stick to a food budget and still eat healthily. Some supermarkets will reduce food at the end of the day, and some of this may be suitable for freezing on the same day. Alternatively, if you buy supermarket brands, these products can be just as good as bigger brands. You can also make use of leftovers instead of throwing these away, and cook healthy food in batches to freeze most of this for later.


Although some cheaper sunscreens can still protect against harmful UV rays, those with higher factor protection will offer more, but the price will reflect this. So shop around for the best deals in the factor you need, but a £1 sunscreen is never going to offer as much protection as one which costs £10 or £15.

Car Maintenance

Getting your car fixed or keeping it running can be costly, but you should always use a business you trust to do this. You will end up paying more than you would if you use a small backstreet garage which you can find no information on, or only hear negative things about. Yet, paying a little more can be worth it for extra peace of mind. If anything happens to your car while you're in it, you could be hospitalized, unable to work, or worse.


If you pay for medication but are offered what someone claims to be your usual medication for a fraction of the price, it might not contain the same ingredients. Taking something which you're not sure about can be harmful, and may aggravate your existing health conditions. Again, it's not worth the risk to save a little money.

Your health is important, so paying less for something which could damage that isn't worth it. This doesn't always mean spending money on the highest-priced product for the sake of it. You can save money and still remain healthy, but if the savings make you question the quality, it's probably not worth it.

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