What To Do After Sustaining An Injury In Your Rented Home

Accidents at your apartment complex can happen intentionally or unintentionally. While renter's insurance is important for protection against loss or damage to your personal property, what happens when you get seriously injured in your apartment? Your landlord can be held liable for any serious injury due to their responsibility to make their property habitable and free from hazardous conditions. For instance, if you told your landlord about your loose floorboards, and they were negligent in taking the proper steps to fix them, you may be qualified for a settlement if an accident happens. However, before you seek a settlement, here are some things to do after you sustain a serious injury beyond first aid

1. Your health first
Apartment injuries come in many forms. You could get injured from a collapsed porch, a slip and fall from a broken staircase, or a burglary assault due to poor security. Whatever your injury might be, you must take care of yourself first. Get medical attention immediately after the injury and ensure no potential health risks. Whether you need to be at the hospital under strict supervision for some time or you need bed rest at home, make sure you pursue full recovery. Obtaining a doctor's report while at the hospital will be beneficial if you claim your insurance or file a lawsuit. Remember to take pictures of your injuries and record any tests and medication required to treat your injury.

2. Document everything
No matter the nature of the accident, it is important to document the events leading to it. If you noted the time it happened, include it with the date and photo evidence. Record as much detail as possible of the circumstances and events leading to your serious injury. For instance, if your accident happened because of the loose floorboards in your apartment, take photos of them immediately after the incident. Document every expense as well, from your medical bills to your transportation. This step will be necessary to help your lawyer estimate the compensation you deserve. Also, if other people witnessed the accident which caused your injury, you can obtain an eyewitness report and their basic information. Document every interaction with your witnesses and keep any letter of complaint to your landlord safe.

3. Inform your landlord
After your injury, inform your landlord about the accident. It’s best to show them the accident scene so they can take the necessary steps to prevent another accident or injury. Also, ask them to inform their insurance provider about the accident. If your landlord does not take the needed steps to fix whatever caused your injury, you can go on with your lawsuit.

4. Prove that your landlord is negligent 
Sustaining a serious injury may not be enough to prove that you deserve compensation. You will need to prove that certain factors like dangerous driveways, faulty apartment appliances, or exposure to molds were the direct cause of your injury. For instance, if your landlord refused to fix a leaky roof before you moved in, eventually leading to a slip and fall incident, they have breached their duty to you. This situation makes them eligible for a lawsuit. You can prove that you notified your landlord about these issues, and they did nothing. Bring out all your document evidence and prove your landlord's inattention. Also, if other tenants are aware of the landlord's negligence or have had similar complaints like you, get their testimonies and seek an attorney.

5. Seek legal help 
You will need a personal injury attorney immediately after a serious injury at your apartment complex. Make sure you choose the right attorney to represent you once you confirm that your landlord was neglectful in the apartment complex's maintenance. A legal expert will help you negotiate with the insurance company or landlord and file personal injury claims on your behalf. With legal representation, you would not need to fully recover before getting your compensation. They will help you get compensated as soon as possible while you are recuperating. For instance, slip & fall attorneys will help you file a lawsuit and handle your injury claim’s complex aspects. Also, you won't have to deal with the challenges of negotiating with an insurance company if you have legal help.

Accidents in apartment complexes happen all the time. It is important to put measures in place to prevent this from happening again. After a serious injury, ensure you take all the necessary steps to get the compensation you deserve.

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