What kind of pillow should a side sleeper use?

In order to always feel young and cheerful, you have to follow some simple rules. Among them is the use of an orthopedic pillow. This not only has a positive effect on sleep, but also prevents a large number of diseases. But how do you not get lost in a lot of choices and choose exactly what is right for you? We will talk about it in our article.

How to choose an orthopedic pillow?

If you want to buy an orthopedic pillow, note these two parameters: the height of the rollers and the material of the orthopedic pillow.

The height of the rollers varies. Usually it is 8 to 14 cm. To choose your size, measure the length of the shoulder from the neck to the connection to the hand and add 1-2 cm. You will have the recommended length of the rollers and give or take 1 cm of the margin.

A large roller is recommended for sleeping on the side and a small roller is recommended for sleeping on the back. Therefore, a pillow with two different height rollers is especially comfortable.

Kinds of orthopedic sleep pillow species.

Orthopedic pillows vary in shape, size, density. The filling material may be natural or artificial: latex or foam with memory effect, wool or polyester, other types.

Depending on the target audience: adults, children, travellers or pregnant women. By functional function, the following types of orthopedic cushions are most in demand:

  • For sleeping on the side;
  • For sleeping on the back;
  • To eliminate snoring or headaches;
  • Lumbar: for long-term sitting in a car or on a computer;
  • At foot: Relieves swelling and decreases varicose.

Everyday orthopedic leg cushions used in the home come in various styles. They all share the excellent quality of the materials used, the high degree of comfort in use and the excellent prophylactic properties to prevent various problems with the motor apparatus in general and with the lower limbs in particular. These products are of the following types:

  • Orthopedic foot roll.
    Universal products of viscoelastic polyurethane foam, which have “memory effects, are suitable for any part of the vertebral column and legs. They provide the necessary support for all physiological bends of the body, through which you can fully relax at home, in your travel or at work. The roller can be placed under the neck, back, knees or ankles ー, depending on the desired effect.
  • Inclined leg cushion with adjustable height.
    Made of polyurethane foam or polystyrene granule (balls), such a cushion will become the ideal accessory for people who have to spend a lot of time on their feet during the day. You can throw your feet on it by choosing the most convenient height, or place between the thighs and knees ー in all cases it allows you to reach the correct anatomical position for joints and maximally relax tired muscles. Sleeping with such a pillow has a lymph-draining effect, removing swelling on the ankles and ankles, normalizing blood circulation in the legs and giving a chance for a good rest.
  • Cubic cushion for varicose and bedsores.
    A cushion of transformers which can be applied in 2 variants. In a decomposed form, it is used for comfortable sleeping on the back or as a fixing device for preventing bedsores on the heels. In the collected form, it is used for preventing and alleviating varicose vein expansion in the lower limbs, in the swelling of the legs in pregnant women, and after injuries on the knee or femur joints. The grooves in the center of the pillow allow it to be conveniently squeezed between the thighs or tibia while sleeping. This position of the legs not only comfortably, but also physiologically ー improves the outflow of blood, which causes swelling and decrease of varicose manifestations.

Orthopedic pillows for legs require minimal care: washing the cover fairly regularly and ventilating the product in fresh air. It is not recommended to wash it in a typewriter because it may damage the structure of the material. The contamination is removed by soft tissue soaked in warm water. Drying pillows is best away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Advantages of orthopedic pillows for sleeping.
A pillow is a beautiful invention that for centuries has made a man's sleep comfortable. Today, however, there are pillows that have a preventive and even curative effect on a number of diseases.

Pros of an orthopedic pillow:

  • Anatomical form prevents spinal deformation, reduces pain syndrome intensity, facilitates muscle relaxation;
  • Reduce the clinical manifestations of acute and chronic diseases: osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids, varicose;
  • Improves respiration and brain blood flow
  • Hypoallergenic fillers and the absence of dust mites allow even buyers to use the goods, who often have problems with ordinary bedding;
  • Minimising snoring will bring a peaceful sleep to the family.

Who needs orthopedic leg cushions and why?

Maternity paradise is a cushion that reduces spinal stress during sleep or rest. In addition, there are orthopedic pillows specifically designed for people with a sedentary lifestyle and office staff who sit in the same place for several hours.

By the way, if you want to give the baby a good night's sleep from an early age, wait until he's three. After that, it's best to consult with the orthopedist.

At varicose, the best assistant will be an orthopedic pillow resembling a roller. Flebologs advise putting feet on it and often resting. If your favorite sleeping position is on your back, then the roller should be placed under your knees. If it is on the side, it should be placed between your knees. Another good option is a rectangular trapeze-shaped pillow with feet placed on it. Thanks to this, the legs are positioned above the heart level, causing blood to flow out of the lower limbs.

In today's world, many people suffer from diseases such as osteochondrosis, varicose diseases and scoliosis. All these unpleasant illnesses are caused mainly by a sedentary lifestyle. Remember how often you sit at the wrong computer or read a book. This not only leads to new diseases, but also to the deterioration of existing ones. But there is one simple thing that will help ease their symptoms – an orthopedic pillow.

Closing thoughts.

An orthopedic pillow for your feet is a necessary and completely recoupable purchase, after which your feet and your body will finally become great and sleep will become full and rich.

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