What It's Like Being a Surrogate

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Childbirth can be a magical time for a family, providing the family with a great new bundle of joy that can be absolutely life-altering. Unfortunately for many families, conception is nigh impossible, causing them to turn to surrogacy. A surrogate is someone who is artificially inseminated with the father's sperm, essentially acting as a vessel for the family's baby. There are many benefits to being a surrogate, as you get to help a family achieve their dream of having a child, and there are usually significant financial benefits. However, being pregnant can be scary, and it can be especially confusing emotionally when you are carrying someone else's baby. In addition, you need to consider other various factors like dealing with a new family and learning surrogacy law.  So what is surrogacy like, and is something that would be a good fit for you? Here's what it's like being a surrogate mother. 

Preparing for Surrogacy

The first part of being a surrogate that might frighten you is the preparation for the process. You might be scared of making such a big commitment, and once you take the plunge, there's really no way to go back. When preparing to become a surrogate, it's important that you deal with any doubts or second thoughts, and you should go through with it if you're completely certain of your decision. After that, you'll have to deal with the legal aspect of surrogacy. The process involves sorting out financial arrangements and finalizing the contract. The legal aspect of surrogacy is extremely important, and it's highly recommended that you completely understand everything in the contract. The contract outlines your responsibilities, and if there is anything that you're uncomfortable, then this would be the time to raise concerns. Preparing for your surrogacy is extremely important, so it's vital that you take all the necessary steps of precaution. 

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Once you're set on going through with the surrogacy, it's time to focus on the pregnancy and getting through it. Pregnancy can be a scary prospect, and you might have some fears going into it. One of the biggest things you might be worried about during pregnancy is something bad happening to either you or your baby. Several things can go wrong during pregnancy, however, most can be avoided by making the correct decisions. While pregnant, you'll want to focus on eating healthy, as doing so can ensure that both you and the baby inside you stay strong and healthy. In addition, you'll need to stay away from things like drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, as they can have harmful effects on the baby. While pregnant as a surrogate, it's important that you focus your energy on being healthy and being the best surrogate you can be.

Dealing With Complicated Emotions

One of the hardest things about being a surrogate is the mental aspect of dealing with the complicated emotions that accompany surrogacy. While the physical stress of being pregnant can be quite scary and hard to deal with, the mental aspect can be even worse. After carrying a baby inside for nine months, you might begin to form attachments. The confusing emotions that stem from being a surrogate can be overwhelming at times, and sometimes you may feel like they're too much. Due to this, it's important to have a strong support system in place so that you have people to turn to. It's completely normal to experience strong and complicated emotions as a surrogate. Understanding and coping with these emotions is key to both a strong mental state and a healthy pregnancy.

Giving Birth & Post Surrogacy

After nine long months of carrying a baby, it's finally time to give birth. Giving birth is another thing that gives potential surrogates pause, as many people have heard the horror stories of mothers spending hours in painful labor. However, as long as you've maintained a healthy pregnancy and have had no health issues, birth should come quickly and relatively easy. After birth, you may still be dealing with some complicated emotions, so you may need to continue to rely on your strong support system. You can also decide what you want to do as a surrogate mother, as some want to have continued contact with the family, while others are content to move on with their life. Regardless of what you decide to do, you can take solace in the fact that you helped bring in new life into a family that desperately wanted and needed it, something you can be very proud of. 

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