What Is CBD Wax?

Cannabidiol (CBD) offers medical and recreational cannabis patients with considerable relief for a host of conditions ranging from joint pain to skin conditions like psoriasis. CBD's wide application across medical conditions has led to new products for a variety of CBD users. For example, CBD-infused edibles can provide a long-lasting and potent dose of CBD for patients suffering from chronic pain symptoms. For people looking for instant and potent relief, CBD wax is the answer.

What Is CBD Wax?

Using a diverse number of extraction methods, the CBD compound is removed from the cannabis plant. The most popular extraction method for CBD wax is CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction. Brands like Endoca CBD use this extraction method to create their CBD was. Raw cannabis material is loaded into an extraction tube where intense heat and pressure is applied to separate the desired chemical compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenes.

Altering heat and pressure in the CO2 extraction process can remove specific compounds like THC leaving a non-mind-altering product containing CBD. The resulting CBD wax can come in a number of textures depending on special techniques used during the extraction process. Typically, CBD wax has an amber, golden-yellow color that is dense.

Types of CBD Wax

When searching “what is CBD wax” users are likely to run across a plethora of terms including crumble, budder, shatter, and live resin. These are different forms and textures of CBD wax all of which can be used in similar ways. CBD shatter is the most commonly found form of CBD wax. Shatter has a glass-like, translucent consistency that turns a thick liquid when heated with high temperatures. Budder is created when cannabinoids are agitated during the extraction process leaving a fluffy and crystallized product that resembles cooking butter.

CBD crumble uses pre-purged oil that is heavier and thicker than other CBD consistencies. Crumble resembles a hard, cheese-like form that many users claim is that crumble is the best CBD wax because it's more potent and flavorful than other waxes. Lastly, live resin is made from cryogenically-frozen flower buds that retain the aromatic terpenes compounds for a more flavorful, albeit expensive experience.

How To Use CBD Wax?

CBD wax is traditionally consumed through dabbing. Tiny amounts of the wax are heated on a high-temperature surface, known as a nail, and then inhaled through a glass piece known as a dab rig.  This method can seem dangerous and messy, but provides potent and quick-acting effects. Portable dab rigs in the form of vape pens can be used to heat up small amounts of CBD wax on-the-go. While CBD wax can't be eaten, there are some form of CBD waxes that are introduced into topical applications to be absorbed in the skin. CBD wax is especially hard to measure out a precise dose, especially the first time.

Who Should Use CBD Wax?

CBD wax has multiple benefits for people looking for a clear-headed experience. Inhaling CBD wax vapor provides nearly instantaneous effects. The CBD goes directly into the lungs, bloodstream, and rest of the body. Since CBD wax is a concentrated form of CBD, the effects can be overwhelming for novice users. CBD wax can provide immediate relief for those suffering from panic attacks, muscle spasms, and pain as opposed to edibles that can take up to three hours to kick in.

Regardless of the CBD wax chosen, the effects are noticeable within the first few minutes after inhaling. There is no best CBD wax for everyone. The effects depend on a person's metabolism, the potency of the product, and the method of consumption. While dabbing may seem intimidating, CBD wax has plenty to offer medical and recreational cannabis consumers.

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