What Are the Pros and Cons of PRK Eye Surgery?

In today's world, more and more people are experiencing vision problems. The reason for this is that various digital devices are actively developing today, which can negatively affect a person’s eyes. Many people experience discomfort from this situation and resort to buying glasses or lenses. Of course, these items will help you see better, but they will not get rid of bad eyesight. Plus, they have many drawbacks, due to which their owners may feel some discomfort. For example, glasses can be uncomfortable to wear all the time, and your eyes may hurt after wearing them. Lenses at the same time have another disadvantage. They need to be constantly put on and taken off, which takes time and effort. This can be inconvenient when a person needs to go somewhere urgently. In addition, when putting on or taking off lenses, you can bring various infections into your eyes, which can lead to serious unpleasant health consequences. For these reasons, people are increasingly resorting to the use of laser surgery to correct their vision.

Laser vision correction is an effective, comfortable, and safe way to restore visual functions. It can be used for farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. This method of treatment has been used for a long time, but its main popularity began to gain only now. Today, laser eye surgery is used in a huge number of hospitals around the world and is accessible to almost everyone.

One type of such procedure is PRK eye surgery. PRK is the first method of laser vision correction, which has been used since 1986, and until the advent of LASIK eye surgery, it was the only option for laser correction. Since then, it has been actively developed and improved. This operation allows for a short period of time to significantly improve visual acuity. PRK has become so widespread due to its safety and accuracy. In addition, it gave excellent results throughout the entire time of its use.

The PRK surgeon operates using a laser beam, which edits the shape of the inner part of the cornea and thereby changes its light refractive power. In fact, the laser vaporizes the tissue from the surface and changes the shape of the cornea. Just the same, this change allows you to improve your vision. PRK is a very predictable procedure, that is, it allows you to predict the final result with great accuracy. Thanks to this, such an operation is as safe and effective as possible, which gives a huge guarantee of a significant improvement in vision in patients. In addition, predictability reduces the number of possible side effects after the procedure, which allows you not to worry about unpleasant consequences.

Despite all the advantages of the current PRK, earlier such an operation had certain disadvantages. The first of them is a long and unpleasant period of adaptation. The patient had to experience discomfort in the eyes for a month before the vision was fully restored. In addition, some time ago it was impossible to perform the procedure simultaneously on both eyes. This was done for the safety of the patient and after the first correction, he had to wait several weeks to restore vision in the second eye. Today, all these shortcomings have been eliminated. Now PRK allows you to perform surgery on both eyes at once. Plus, this method today involves the use of a special contact lens, which is worn after the procedure. This makes it possible to reduce pain and shorten the recovery period.

All these facts make PRK one of the most effective methods of laser vision correction today. Let's take a closer look at its benefits:

  • This method of laser surgery avoids mechanical impact on the eyes, which makes the operation more comfortable and safer.
  • Excellent predictability of the results of the procedure, which minimizes the number of possible side effects after PRK
  • Lack of physical and any restrictions. After the end of the recovery period, a person can return to their normal lifestyle. This includes playing sports, driving a car, reading, using a computer, and other digital devices.
  • Preservation of the physical strength of the eyes after surgery due to the formation of a connecting membrane
  • The speed of the operation itself. The procedure will last around 10 minutes, and the full preparation for the operation on the day of the procedure will take no more than an hour and a half.
  • Painless. Before the start of the operation, special preparations are instilled into the patient's eyes, thanks to which he does not experience discomfort.
  • Efficiency. After the procedure, a person's visual functions significantly improve, which allows him to live a full life and not experience problems associated with poor vision.
  • Security. Due to the use of modern technologies, PRK laser surgery does not involve the risk associated with the introduction of various infections into the eyes.
  • PRK cost is the most acceptable and ranges from 1800 to 2800 US dollars per eye. At the same time, the price of other laser correction methods will be higher.

However, despite all the advantages, this procedure also has certain disadvantages:

  • Discomfort after surgery. Despite the use of special lenses, some patients may experience discomfort for some time after the procedure.
  • After PRK laser eye surgery, you need to take precautions and limit yourself to many things for a while. For example, you cannot play sports or use a smartphone for a long time.
  • In rare cases, the procedure may cause corneal clouding.
  • No one can guarantee you that the new vision will stay with you for life.
  • There is little chance of under correction or overcorrection.

PRK laser eye surgery is a truly effective way to restore your vision and start living life to the fullest. However, this issue must be approached very responsibly. Study all the pros and cons of this procedure and then make the final decision. If you still decide to do this operation, then the result will not disappoint you.

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