Vaser Hi Def Liposuction: The Secret of Fitness Buffs

You've probably heard of liposuction and immediately assumed it is only for people who are overweight and don't want to bother with going to the gym. No one would blame you if this was your belief – this used to be what lipo was all about. There's a whole new liposuction game in town though, and it's coveted by some of the fittest people on the planet.

Lipo for the Fittest of the Fit

It's called Vaser Hi Def Liposuction. You could call it an evolution of liposuction and cosmetic surgery. In this surgery, fat cells are vacuumed away from the muscles so that muscle-definition is more apparent after the fat has been “melted” by ultrasound frequencies.

The best candidates for this advanced form of lipo are already fairly to exceptionally fit, have thick skin with good tone, and solid muscle bulk. Even people who have around 10-14% body fat can get even more defined muscles by having a Vaser Hi Def Lipo treatment. It is used to sculpt the body, and make proportions of certain body parts more desirable.

We are all born with a certain number of fat cells which will be distributed around our bodies to create our physical appearance as we grow older. If you have more fat cells in certain areas, like your stomach, or thighs, then it can be harder to whittle these places down, even when you are super fit.

The fitter you are, the more definition you will notice after the procedure, but it can be exceptionally useful for both men and women who notice areas of stubborn fat that don't seem to budge even with a proper diet and exercise. It is best for removing modest amounts of fat from problem areas.

The Technology Behind Vaser HI Def Liposuction

This type of lipo differs from the traditionally harsher, vacuum-type in that it uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to break up fat cells. Clinical studies have found that this technology offers much better results than other liposuction treatments, making it one of the most effective among suction-assisted lipectomy, power-assisted, laser-assisted, and radiofrequency assisted methods of removing fat.

Ultrasound is also available to “melt” away fat cells via non-surgical or non-invasive means. The frequencies rupture the fat cells which then die and can be excreted from your body.

Post-Surgery Results

The results post-surgery take about six weeks, but even if you regain weight, your muscles will look more defined since it removes fat cells forever from the specific areas of your choosing. It requires very little time off work, and is quite affordable considering the cost of maintaining fitness overall.

Most people who opt for ultrasound fat removal are thrilled with the results. It gives you the power to change parts of your body that have been slow to adapt from working out, and can give fitness buffs an edge over their competition.

Liposuction isn't just for those wanting to get rid of lots of fat. It has evolved to sculpt the body in a way to define even the fittest figure.

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