5 Types Of CBD Products And Its Uses

CBD has grown in popularity during the past few years because it is a natural-sourced product that provides actual results. However, it comes in so many forms and shapes that it is often difficult to find the most suitable one. There are two main core types on which every product is based: CBD extract and CBD isolate.

The extract is a substance that contains cannabis or hemp materials, depending on the source, such as cannabinoids (the active ingredient), terpenoids and certain fatty acids. On the other hand, isolate is a white powder or slab that contains mostly cannabinoids (99%) and it does not contain THC. These two compounds are introduced in different products to create the different types that you can order.

CBD Tinctures

The also named CBD oil may contain isolate or extract. While the first option is perfect if you are looking to get the benefits of cannabinoids, the second one is aimed at providing the full spectrum of the plant, including the active ingredient, terpenes, and other hemp or cannabis-based materials. In addition, the liquid is often mixed with MCT or hemp oil to ensure the absorption of CBD and the rest of the components contained, as it is easier for your stomach walls and membranes to process it.

In that sense, you can consume tinctures by placing some drops under your tongue and wait for a couple of minutes before swallowing it. You will see the effects after 20 to 40 minutes, but they will last for around 6 hours.

CBD Capsules

Each brand has its own capsule content, but they are basically the same in essence. The same way it happens with tinctures, these capsules may contain CBD extract or isolate. If you are looking to benefit in a broader sense, the first one will be the appropriate one and the second is aimed at ingesting just cannabinoids.

As CBD is fat soluble, it is easily absorbed when it is mixed with hemp, coconut or MCT, which is the main reason why capsules also contain at least one of these ingredients. In addition, some companies decide to include supplements or additives to their products in order to provide extra benefits.

Contrary to popular belief, this is one of the less effective methods because the liver reduces the amount of CBD that goes into the bloodstream, so you would have to take higher doses to get the same benefits of other types. On the other hand, their effects are longer-lasting and it has been proven to be effective.

CBD Edibles

The edible type is one of the funniest versions because it is way too easy to include in the regular routine and it masks the taste. These are basically food products that have been infused with CBD extract or isolate and there is a wide range of options to choose from, like chocolates, gummies, brownies, cookies, and many others.

Even though it is very easy to use, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness because it will vary depending on the brand and specific product. However, the least effective ones are usually those that contain CBD isolate or the ones processed through the liver.

CBD Vaping Types

The popular vape pens and mods are a different way of consuming CBD and it is actually the fastest way of getting the active ingredient into the bloodstream, but it doesn’t last as long as other types. They come in different presentations to suit the different needs of CBD consumers, such as vape cartridges, eLiquid and, if you want to see if it is the right fit, disposable vape pens.

The most common ingredients are, of course, CBD isolate or extract and thinning agents that will help carry the CBD into the breathing system, where it will be processed. Some of the most common ones are propylene glycol and glycerin, but the use of MCT oil is also spreading. In addition, it is normal to see flavorings as some people don’t like its taste.

CBD Topicals

The receptors of cannabinoids are not only located in the brain and nervous system, but also in the skin. In that sense, there are topical versions, such as balms, creams, and salves; that can be used to reduce muscle pain, fight certain skin conditions or simply apply as a massage oil. Nonetheless, they are designed to improve specialized external conditions.

Its content is basically characterized by CBD extract or isolate, mixed with different ingredients to maximize its absorption in the applied area.

There are multiple types of CBD products and they are all suitable for different conditions and needs. So, before ordering try to study the one that lasts long enough to bring the best effects possible and introduce a comprehensive version of the compound in your daily routine.

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