Tips to Keep Pests Away from Your Home

You can't have peace of mind when pests are in your home. Every time you go to sleep, you have to worry about something crawling on you. Every time you reach into the pantry, you run the risk of facing an unwanted guest. When you're just sitting around minding your own business, you're aware of the ever-present risk of being crawled on or bitten. Pests are in no way a positive thing, so for your own sanity, take a look at these effective ways to keep them out of your home!

Know the Signs of Infestation

Pests can be pretty sneaky, so it's important to know how to identify them. Bed bugs can be especially stealthy, so it's vital to understand the signs of a bedbug infestation. Mike Johnson from Custom Bed Bug says that you should check your home for bed bugs at least once every six months. This resource will help you identify, combat, and prevent a bed bug infestation. Nobody wants creepy-crawly bloodsuckers in their home, and it's best to get rid of these disgusting creatures as soon as possible. Other creatures are a bit easier to notice. Rats leave droppings, and you can often hear them scurrying. Roaches will present themselves on your walls, floors, or ceilings if you sit still for long enough. Wherever you live, be sure to understand the local pests, what attracts them, and how to spot them.

Keep Food Sealed

Bugs, rodents, and other nasty pests are like us in one big way: they need to eat to survive. As pests don't really have manners like we do, they see open food containers and easy-to-access treats as an invitation to the smorgasbord that is your pantry! When pests are well fed, they reproduce. When they reproduce, you have more roaches, rats, and creepy crawlies on your hands than you did before, and they're not going anywhere! If you open up some biscuits or cookies and can't quite get it sealed, transfer your treats to a sealable container. The last thing anyone wants is to reach in for a cookie and pull out a cockroach!

Wash Dishes Immediately

Dirty dishes have food particles on them, and even though your dirty dishes may seem gross to you, they look pretty yummy to a mindless bug! As dishes sit around, their odor permeates your home, attracting unwanted attention from pests and other unwelcome guests. By washing your dishes, you're helping to keep pests away, and your home is that much cleaner for you to enjoy!

Seal Windows and Doorways

If you keep your windows open or you have huge gaps near your doorways, then bugs are eventually going to find their way in. Simply installing screens on windows, re-caulking windows and doors, and filling a door's gap can help keep pests where they belong — outside!

Look for Points of Entry

Windows and doors aren't the only way that unwelcome visitors can come in. Be sure to check all-around your house and roof for holes, cracks, and gaps that bugs and rodents could squeeze through. Even a gap that's only a few millimeters is small enough for ants, centipedes, and other gross creatures to crawl through.

Clean Your Drains

Your drains accumulate food particles and other gunk over time, and pests will eat that right up! Cleaning your drains periodically will help keep pests out, and your home will smell nicer too.

Watch Your Trash

If your trashcan is completely open, then bugs are going to find their way in. Only use trash cans that have a sealed lid, and if possible, keep trash cans a few meters away from your home. You should remove trash from smaller in-home trash cans as soon as possible. Any accumulation of trash within your home will attract unwanted visitors.

Take Care of Your Yard

Tall grass and unkempt bushes are a great place for vermin to hide, so it's prudent to regularly maintain your yard, otherwise, it will become prime real estate for pests and nasty critters. Once they're in your yard, they'll have their eyes set on your home, and eventually, some will get in.

Pests are a huge risk to your health, wellbeing, and overall sanity. By keeping bugs, rats, and other vermin out of your house, you're making your a safer, more inviting place for everyone in it. We all deserve to feel happy and secure in our own homes, and these simple tips can help you enjoy your house to the fullest extent.

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