The Value of VR in Pain Relief

Since the start of its use for medical purposes, VR therapy has become a leading phenomenon in treating certain health conditions and managing pain. Being a greatly advanced technology but also convenient and approachable, has made people more open to using it for relieving pain, stress, and other health issues. The world as we know it has drastically changed in the past two years and having the possibility of using such advanced tech from the comfort of our home has become a great solution for many.

Below, we'll give a little insight into how VR works and how it helps to relieve pain.

The new revolution of VR therapy

It's been many years since it first helped treat people with mental health issues, and now it has progressed to more severe health conditions, helping people manage and control pain. More and more people are trying to avoid drug-based treatments, and wanting more drug-free therapy to relieve their pain and help with their mental health.

Virtual reality is not only used by medical professionals learning more ways to treat their patients and assisting them in surgeries but it can be used by anyone at any time. Many companies are offering great help for patients suffering from chronic conditions and even mental health issues. One of the best companies out there, XR Health, is offering virtual treatments guided by real therapists without the patients leaving their homes.

By visiting their website, you can discover XR Health benefits, and read testimonials from patients who already experienced using their services. With just the use of a VR headset, patients dive into the virtual world assisted by licensed therapists that help them further deal with health issues. With this technology, you're a step closer to experiencing pain relief and enjoying a healthier and happier life.

How does it work?

The use of VR in treating patients with severe pain works in a very simple way. By using this technology, patients are distracted from the pain they're experiencing. It reduces the perception of pain by diverting attention away from it. When patients are engaged in an immersive experience they tend to tune out other stimuli, including the body's pain signals.

VR experiences also include relaxation techniques like guided meditations, helping acute and chronic pain in patients. Research from 2019 reveals that hospitalized patients with severe pain who used a therapeutic VR headset had significant improvements in relieving their pain. The research demonstrates the effectiveness of using VR to combat pain making it a great tool to add to traditional pain-management protocols.

Simply put, VR has the unique ability to manipulate how the brain processes pain, engaging the senses with powerful immersive experiences. The best part is that in some cases, it also acts as a support network for patients going through a difficult time. A study by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles used virtual reality to assist women going into labor by putting on a VR headset, lowering their levels of pain and anxiety.

The future of VR in relieving pain

Although there is still much research to be made about the use of VR for different health conditions, the fact is that it significantly helps people with severe acute or chronic pain, and even those suffering from mental health issues. The possibility of reducing medication intake for relieving and managing pain can be a great step toward a better healthcare system for patients and even a cheaper option.

Researchers are hoping to explore the different types of VR and whether certain personality types can respond better to VR solutions. With many great companies offering a host of applications designed to treat mental health and physical immobility, we're on a great path to improving people's health. With new technologies like smartwatches, VR headsets, and the implementation of telemedicine, the world is moving toward a more digitalized and convenient way for people to get treated.

These new technologies offer comfort for people having trouble moving around, and especially for those who are suffering from severe chronic pain. It's good to know that the use of medication is not the only solution for pain relief, but there's a new and more approachable way.

In closing

Researchers believe that VR therapy is more than just a distraction but a brain hack that occupies the brain so much that it has no room to process pain sensations. There's a growing trend of people practicing a healthy lifestyle and many want to switch from using medication to a healthier option, like the use of a VR headset. A great and modern technology that will change the lives of people dealing with pain and other health issues for the better.

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