The Importance of Taking Care of your Crowning Glory

The burst of confidence you can experience after a visit to the salon really speaks volumes about the importance of your hair. It's called the “crowning glory” for a woman because logically it's the thing you notice first and foremost about yourself and the same goes for others who meet you. It's no wonder that you want to take care of your hair!

Here's some advice so you can look good and feel good.

Be wary of drastically changing your hair color

I'm sure I don't need to tell you about the dangers of hair dye. It can cause some serious damage to those lovely locks of yours, and going from one extreme to the next is going to bring you to the worst case scenario. If you're set about choosing a particular color and it's nowhere near where you're at now, considering working towards it gradually. Choose dye that's a few shades closer to your current color and work your way towards the next. Miracles don't happen overnight and going from raven black to platinum blonde hair is going to take some time. Take care of your hair and it'll take care of you.

Hair supplementation works

Your hair is comprised of cells just like every other part of your body, and they are susceptible to drying out. Using a hair supplement that helps maintain moisture and nourishes your hair is going to give you that gleam just shy of a hair commercial (they use CGI after all). If you don't know all the hair benefits that come with a hair supplement, they're worth learning about. The professionals at Nutrafol explain the various benefits that come with various nutrients, like the fact that resveratrol protects against oxidative stress on your scalp. You feed the rest of your body with healthy nutrients, why wouldn't you do the same for your hair?

Being sun-kissed isn't always the best

Although we all like our time in the sun, it can take a toll on our hair. The more time you spend outdoors basking in sunlight the more likely you are to fall victim to dryness. This doesn't mean you can't always have your hair down, but just be aware of the time you spend outside. If you're choosing to use a tanning bed you might want to cover your head so those pesky UV rays don't damage your poor hair.

Use a professional

Going to the salon isn't the cheapest. It can cost a lot of money and use up a good portion of our day. But they are professionals for a reason, and they almost always do a great job (if not I'd suggest changing salons). If you happen to go off color for whatever reason, it's going to cost you even more to pay someone to fix the damage. They might even have to use bleach, and that's going to land your hair in more trouble than if you had just gone to the salon in the first place.

Give your hair some time

Chances are if you're charging into a new color scheme for your hair, you're going to want to get there as fast as possible. This is especially true if the colors are on opposing sides of the spectrum. Don't be afraid if your roots show for a little while, it's better for your hair to heal from the last session than to dye it into dry oblivion. Be patient, and your hair will reward you for the process.

No need to be a clean freak

I don't think I have to tell you about the dangers of washing your hair in the shower everyday. If you're consistently doing this you're going to run into some dryness. If you're just switching over now, your hair might seem to develop more grease for a few weeks on non-shower days. Don't worry, this is temporary and soon your hair will adjust to the process. You'll be able to enjoy the protection that natural oils offer your crowning glory.

We're all worried about the condition of our hair, and we all know that we have to take care of it. Your hair can treat you exceptionally well and make you feel stunning, you just have to show it that same respect. Be sure not to dye your hair into the 7th dimension of dryness, use natural supplements, and get your work done by the professionals. If you don't have those shining strands now, in a few weeks following these tips you'll feel on top of the world.

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