The 6 Fundamentals of Quashing Entrepreneurial Anxiety

The health of any of us entrepreneurs is pivotal, but for all of the relevant fitness and health-related advice that is out there, one of the biggest issues we all experience is that notion of entrepreneurial anxiety. While you get to work for yourself and pursue your passions, it can be rewarding, but it can also feel really stressful. With this in mind, let’s show you some of the best ways to combat entrepreneurial anxiety.

Look at the Source of Your Stress

Stress is something that we impose on ourselves which could be due to something that hasn't potentially happened yet. When we start to think more into the future, we are not focusing on the present. You might be thinking about the best grants for startups or wondering if you can beat the clock when it comes to potential problems, but stress is an internal thing, not an external one. This is why we need to discover what we are afraid of is not actually in the real world. Because once we do this, we can let go of it. 

Remember Your Core Purpose

An entrepreneur does something that they are passionate about, and while obstacles invariably arise, when you stay focused on your core purpose and the bigger picture, you need to make sure the decision always comes back to this because this will keep you aligned with your ethos. 

Always Focus on the Now

Entrepreneurs are commonly looking into the future (or sometimes the past), but we need to focus on what we are doing right now. Rather than thinking about all that needs to be done when we focus on what we are doing right now, it helps us to stay in the moment. So rather than thinking about what needs to be done and if there's enough time to do it, stay in the here-and-now. 

Have the Right People on Your Side

You're an entrepreneur, but you are by no means alone. You need the right people to act as an advisory board so you can beat the internal roadblocks. Having people that will listen and offer perspective to keep you on track is crucial to ensuring you beat any form of anxiety. From mentors to friends, everybody can help you realize that it's not so bad. 

Look at What Is Important (Against What Is Urgent)

You might think you need to spend time putting out fires, but it's far better for you to identify what is important. Having the notion of the Pareto Principle helps here, where 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the effort. Because if you just constantly handle the urgent matters, you've got to go back to the drawing board. 

Look at Why You Are Doing This

As simple as it sounds, you've got to go back to your “why.” Asking yourself this question regularly can give you the clarity to carry on in what you are doing. As an entrepreneur, we can struggle to see the wood for the trees, but if you feel anxious, some of these approaches will provide that all-important perspective.

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