Essential Styling Products for the Perfect Beard

Growing and grooming a good beard on your own takes a bit of work, but it can be done. Men have done this for centuries and they didn't have any of our modern products to help them. If they could do it, you can do it as well. Don't buy into the myth that you must go to a barbershop on regular basis to grow and awesome beard, as you can do it yourself with just a bit of work.

The first thing you need to do is throw your razor away and stop shaving or trimming your beard. There is no magical way you can grow a beard more quickly, you will simply have to wait. Only after three or four weeks can you start to work on styling your beard and managing it properly to get what you want.

Remember, beard hair and head hair are different, so you cannot manage them the same way. Today I will give you tips on how to groom your beard at home and what are the essential beard care products like beard oil and shampoo to use and get the style you've always wanted.

Wash your beard regularly

As soon as the first couple of weeks have passed and your beard is starting to form, you need to start washing your beard every time when taking a shower. Some people might say that you need to do this more often, but you really don't. During this period you might start to feel itchiness and feel the urge to scratch your face and this is something you should avoid.

Wash your beard with a beard shampoo – designed specifically for facial hair. It is ill-advised to use regular shampoo for your beard; see here for what you need to know about men's beard shampoo to avoid such rooky mistakes. Not only will it clean your beard really well but it will also make it softer and reduce the itch you are experiencing. The skin around the beard area is very sensitive and beard shampoos have natural, organic ingredients that will soothe the skin instead of irritating it even further.

Don't towel your beard too harshly because you can cause split ends, simply gently pat it dry it with a towel. You only need to use a little bit of shampoo to wash your beard properly – most beard shampoos available on Amazon last a long time, so it won't hurt your pocket too much.

Cherish your beard oil

A lot of people have trouble controlling their beards after they reach a fully-grown one. No matter how much you trim, sometimes things just don't work as planned; like everything else in life, growing a beard has its own tricks and secrets. For this problem nothing is a better solution than beard oil. You can find various beard oil products and choose the smell you like.

Not only does beard oil help tame your beard, it also softens it, hydrates it and hydrates your skin as well. Leaving you and your beard looking ready no matter the social or professional occasion. With regular beard oil use, your facial hair will look groomed, healthy and shiny. The best time to use beard oil is right after you've washed your face.

For example, after cleansing or showering in the morning, apply beard oil and you will get the maximum effect, as your skin pores and hair follicles will be open and all of that good stuff from beard oil will be absorbed very quickly.

Use an organic beard soap for cleansing

It is very important to use organic beard soap. Like beard oil, beard soap is also designed to soothe your facial hair and skin. The primary function of beard soap is to cleanse any debris but it offers other benefits as well. The bigger and bushier your beard is, the more dirt, food, debris and allergens get caught up deep within.

Beard soap is effective at removing any debris as it has exfoliating ingredients. Now you might be thinking: “Why should I use bead soap when I have beard shampoo?” This is a good question. The reason for this is that using beard shampoo and showering too often can strip away all of the natural oils – as WebMD explains – your beard has and needs.

Decent organic beard soap will not strip away these oils while cleaning your beard. Combing will be much easier after cleansing and your facial hair won't be at risk of breaking. Your beard will look healthier and managing it will be easier.

In the end, get a beard comb that is specifically designed for combing facial hair. Trust me, it means a lot. Look to find beard styles that suit your face and don't try to push something that doesn't look good on you. Take your time and manage your beard while styling it slowly, until you get more skilled at it.

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