Staying Safe and Sound: 6 Pieces of Advice for Busy College Students

Students' lives are filled with a great number of tasks, meetings, and events. There are lectures, extra courses, group projects, and gatherings at clubs and societies. Apart from that, students have responsibilities at work or internship. In such circumstances, finding time for rest or a hobby is an impossible mission. We definitely need more than 24 hours a day to manage it all.

Lack of time, stress, and anxiety become a part of our reality. Do you have a feeling that things are getting out of control? Life may seem overwhelming to you, so maybe it's time to develop new habits. If you are constantly busy and willing to maintain balance – then this article is for you. 

Here are six recommendations. Follow them and make your life more organized and peaceful!


Cooperate With Others

Studying with a group of friends has lots of benefits. First, it's a great way to spend time together – you can share opinions and take part in discussions. Second, you may improve your GPA thanks to tips and guidance from one another. 

Someone is better at economics and law, others – at business and management. So, this is worth taking advantage of. You can ask your friends to explain to you a difficult topic in exchange for help with the subject they have problems with. Moreover, you can learn for exams and tests together. Explaining a topic to someone, you improve your own knowledge, as well. 

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Plan Your Day

To make your life structured, start with planning. Some apps for time management may come in handy. Be sure to write down your tasks in a notebook or organizer on your device. It's better to prepare a to-do list in the evening so that you know where to start the next day. 

Of course, you can modify these lists, adding extra assignments, prioritizing more important ones, or postponing those that aren't urgent. 

It is better to break complex tasks into parts and implement them in stages. Don't forget to cross out completed tasks – it may improve your self-confidence.


Of course, we may not find enough time for everything on the to-do list, but there is always a chance to complete the most essential tasks. Here are some tips on structuring your plans:

  • Important and urgent assignments should be at the top of the list. Make it a rule not to postpone such things until tomorrow. 
  • Then move on to matters that are important but not urgent.
  • Urgent but unimportant tasks usually take a long time. Try to delegate them to someone. 
  • Non-urgent and unimportant matters will not bring much benefit. You can easily postpone these activities until the weekend. 

Find Your Own Pace

Almost everyone knows whether they are a night owl or a morning lark. However, few people really use this understanding to improve effectiveness. Your productivity greatly depends on your level of energy and this, in turn, has to do with the time when you feel awake. 

So, if you experiment with your schedule, you will realize that different things work well for you at different times of the day. Monitor your behavior. Perhaps instead of staying up late on your homework, it might be better to get up an hour earlier and complete the tasks before lectures? 


Use Your Time Wisely

Try dividing your time into blocks. Your plan for the day should include a block of study, book, work, rest, and doing something useful for your health. After each major block, set aside at least ten minutes for a break. 

The main idea of this technique is that you are one hundred percent focused on one particular activity, not allowing anyone or anything to interrupt you.

When you fully concentrate on one task, you complete it faster and better. Why? Because you don't get distracted. So, it is recommended to realize which time wasters you are usually affected by. It may be social media, funny videos on YouTube, etc. 

Of course, it's hard to stay fully focused. To make it easier, use the Pomodoro Technique. According to this method, you should work for 25 minutes straight and then have a 5-minute rest. This way, you will avoid feeling tired.

Be Realistic

Most of us want to be perfect and stay productive all the time, but it's absolutely fine to be exhausted. We are only humans, after all. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you feel that you can't manage to do everything yourself.

Learn to say no. It's not that easy when you are at the beginning of your career, but keep in mind that an incredibly huge number of tasks will lead to burnout. 

Analyze your to-do list. If the number of tasks is more than the number that you can complete, then reschedule something to another day. 

When organizing your schedule, don't overload yourself with too many projects and events. Check your calendar before agreeing to anything to make sure the required time is available. This will keep everything sorted out.

Final Thoughts

Don't forget to include leisure on your to-do list. Step aside from all worries and do what you truly love. Rest is necessary not only for a fulfilling and happy life but also for effective work. A relaxed person will do more in fewer hours than a tired one. 

Even the busiest student can find time for pleasure thanks for planning, prioritizing, and setting realistic goals. Good luck with making your life more balanced!

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