Scientists from Brigham Young University found that loneliness has negative effects

Brigham Young scientists conducted a study and found that if a person spends time with himself completely and loses social contacts, it greatly affects health and immunity. It could cause an increase in blood pressure, heart problems and, importantly, an increase in cholesterol. Therefore, do not neglect these discoveries of scientists, and start the prevention of your immunity. In this case, it is worth taking drugs to lower cholesterol.

Over the counter drugs for cholesterol are prescribed after a blood test. Most often this is found out in the course of studies related to other diseases. It is impossible to determine an elevated cholesterol level during a visual examination. Symptoms of this condition can also indicate a number of other diseases. With a significant concentration of certain substances in the blood, patients have complaints about:

  • fast fatigue;
  • headache;
  • angina pectoris (a feeling of heaviness, and burning in the heart);
  • high blood pressure;
  • cramps of the lower extremities.

More specific symptoms are lipid arches on the cornea of ​​the eye and xanthelasmas. The systematic use of drugs to lower cholesterol will eliminate them.

What drugs are available to lower cholesterol?

There are several groups:

  1. Statins – this is the most studied and widespread class of drugs for reducing the concentration of substances. Such funds are accepted for life, starting from the moment of appointment. In most cases, cholesterol-lowering drugs are well tolerated by patients.
  2. Fibrates – a class of drugs that have a positive effect on the content of fats in the blood. They help reduce the level of harmful substances.
  3. Sirconstants of bile acids – the effect of drugs to reduce bad cholesterol of this type is due to the fact that they change the composition of certain substances in the body. Due to this, such products reduce the content of potentially toxic compounds.

Medicines of any group are prescribed as part of complex therapy. Among other things, it also involves changes in lifestyle and diet. Regardless of the main drugs for lowering cholesterol, symptomatic therapy and measures to prevent potential complications are also needed.

Where can you find such medicines?

And in order to find the most effective medicine for lowering cholesterol, you need to use the services of online pharmacies. We cooperate only with trusted suppliers.

The site has all the necessary documents confirming their effectiveness, as well as instructions for use. On individual product pages, you can read reviews of cholesterol-lowering drugs and make sure that only the best medicines can be found on the site.

All sorts of scientific statistics show that the average life expectancy is about 81 years. This figure is above the national median of 77.5 years. Also, more than 90% of the population owns health insurance.

This research shows that it is never too late to develop human immunity, to monitor the body, because the main reason for recovery is to find it in time and properly engage in prevention.

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