Importance of Resolving Lower Back Pain Early

Lower Back Pain

The intensity and severity of lower back pain vary from person to person. If the pain is left untreated, it can worsen and have an even bigger impact on a person's quality of life. However, most individuals affected by this problem are reluctant to seek help or manage the pain promptly. The primary reason for not doing anything is the belief that the problem will, simply, go away. In order to avoid unfortunate scenarios and mobility limitations, it is crucial to resolve the pain in its early stages.

Why is early intervention significant?

The team of scientists led by Benedict M. Wand of the University of Notre Dame Fremantle, Australia conducted a study whose primary objective was to compare two research-based models of acute lower back pain care and analyze the effect of the physical intervention timing.

Out of 804 referred participants, 102 individuals met the team's criteria for admission into the study. The subjects were randomly assigned to the assess/advise/wait group or the assess/advise/treat group. After six weeks, the Treat group showed greater improvements in mood, disability, general health, and quality of life comparing to individuals in the wait group.

Findings from the study, published in the journal Spine, demonstrate that the timing of intervention affects the development of psychosocial features. For instance, if treatment is provided later, these psychosocial benefits are not achieved. Scientists concluded the study explaining that the assess/advise/treat model of care offers better outcomes. One of the major benefits of early management of lower back pain is the fact that it improves overall quality of life, which can be severely affected if the pain is left untreated.

Furthermore, timely management of lower back pain has a tremendous potential to reduce the number of people with severe, disabling lower back pain and thereby, decrease the personal, economic, and social impact of the lower back pain.

Education is important

In order to truly understand the importance of early management of lower back pain, Chiropractors and other healthcare providers should educate their patients about the benefits of management and different methods to relieve the pain. Chiropractors reassure the patient that the prognosis usually requires little intervention, when resolving lower back pain in early stages. Patients should be advised to stay active and to avoid twisting and bending.


In most instances, people don't manage lower back pain until its severity becomes unbearable. However, in order to prevent it from affecting one’s quality of life and to avoid potential serious consequences, the pain should be treated in early stages.

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