Recovery in Miami: 5 Expert Tips for Post-Op Recovery

Postoperative recovery is classified as a process that the patient has to go through in order to feel like their old self once again. It's no secret that recovery can be a tough and frustrating process but with careful planning, you can shape things to work out in your favor.

Be prepared for drastic changes in your life, from diets to new routines, postop recoveries always ask for discipline. If you find yourself in need of a city change, recovery in Miami is a great choice. We are glad that you stumbled upon us as we have a goal to speed up your recovery process with our expertise.

Rest and a peaceful environment

Regardless of the severity of the injury that you have sustained, rest is what will get you back on your feet again. During sleep, our bodies produce significantly more growth hormones which are considered vital for tissue repair and regeneration.

With the process of regeneration sped up, you have to start thinking about the environment and where the recovery will take place. The sunny city of Miami has a vast repertoire of places where you can kick back and soak the sun up. Cheap apartments for rent in Miami give you the best opportunity to have a completely quiet and comfortable recovery.

Due to the nature of the process, you might want to bring a loved one along so that they can help you out while you are still fresh out of surgery.

Seafood helps you be good

Miami has clear sea waters in abundance and it's no wonder why the tables of restaurants are filled with foods such as crabs, fish, scallops, shrimp, lobsters, etc. Of course, you don't need to go to restaurants, local shops are full of vitamin-rich foods that will speed up your recovery.

Speaking of vitamins, all of the above-mentioned foods are filled to the brim with Vitamin A and Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin A is always associated with the promotion of eye health, but rarely do people know that Vitamin A supports protein synthesis. What that means is that every muscle in your body will regenerate significantly faster. Omega 3 on the other hand, reduces inflammation and can help reduce muscle loss due to disuse, this is extremely important if you are bedridden.

2 weeks postoperation

If you had dissolving stitches, they will disappear after 10 days but if you have ordinary stitches, the doctors will take them out after two weeks. It's time to start with activities and you are just in luck, Miami has everything to offer.

After the 2 week mark, you can start visiting the wonderful beaches of Miami. Soaking the sun up will provide you with Vitamin D which is crucial for bone strength and healthiness. Furthermore, it will make you feel happier and the outdoor activities will only show you how much progress you have made since your operation.

It's fine to submerge yourself in water after 2 weeks have passed since your surgery, but you might want to lay off the swimsuit for couple more weeks.

Visit the wonderful eco-park

A nice visit to a place like Jungle Island or Miami Zoo could help you relax and enjoy the various species of animals around you. You can observe a variety of animals and if you are lucky even feed a tropical bird or a giraffe. Enjoy life like you used to before, grab a bite with a loved one and become one with nature.

Don't forget the cardio

Daily walks along the 2.5 miles long Holywood Beach Broadwalk help you get that cardio done without even thinking about it. Cardio is extremely important for the heart and its health. Blood pressure is significantly reduced along with bad cholesterol with daily cardio.

Final thoughts

Miami has the means to speed up any recovery with its wonderful climate and food. As with any difficult process, you should start by being a better friend to yourself. After 2 weeks, it's recommended that you start to leave your comfort zone and partake in some light exercises.

It's also a good idea to acknowledge the feelings that sometimes run high during the tough process of recovery. Speak with a loved one or an expert daily so that nothing can cause an obstacle to the goal you have in mind and impede your speedy recovery.

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