3 Questions to Ask Yourself
If You’re Thinking about Rehab

Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice.
Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice.
Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.

– Roy T. Bennett, author of “The Light in the Heart

The choices we make in life – they can be completely inconsequential, with no concern over whether it's the right one or not, or they may be one of the biggest decisions we will ever make. Now, those choices, those big decisions – you can bet your last dollar they come with consequences, whatever you decide, whatever choice you make.

Oftentimes, that fear of what such consequences may bring, the impact they will have on you, and your life as you know it now, will just make you turn your back, to try ignoring the decision itself, and, invariably, you are left to carry on as you are now.

As you are now?

If you're anything like me when I was going through my own years of substance abuse, of endless nights looking for the next hit, the next bottle of strong liquor, and any pills I could lay my shaking hands on, then that choice, that decision, has now become long overdue. You cannot turn your back on it forever, because you have no forever, only a short life, and one that will undoubtedly end prematurely if you (and you alone) allow things to continue as they are now.

The decision to enter an addiction rehabilitation facility is a choice, but, then again, no choice at all. If you're concerned about consequences – and there will be consequences – you need to think of the consequences if you don't. If your life isn't pretty right now, it'll only get uglier.

Call it a “leap of faith,” call it what you will, but I made the decision to go into a drug rehab over 7 years ago now. Yes, that decision had consequences, some bad, but one undeniably good. I got clean. I got sober. And I've been that way ever since. Yes, I felt I lost people who were important to me, I certainly lost a good home, and I lost plenty of so-called friends too. Does that hurt? Of course, it does. But I got clean and sober, and I've stayed that way. I got my life back. Consequences

If you're struggling with the decision to go into rehab, put aside any fear of consequences, and simply consider the following 5 questions – “5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Checking into Rehab.” They'll make your choice for you. Just be honest and truthful with yourself, and that's all you need to do.

How Badly is My Substance Abuse Affecting Me?

Substance abuse, and certainly real addiction, will be having a profound, long-lasting effect on both your physical and mental well-being, however you decide to look at it:

  • Physically: The physical effects of substance abuse vary depending on the actual substance being used. However, the vast majority of them are not good and can affect anything from your major organs, such as the heart or liver, to your digestive system, your ability to fight infections and viruses, your actual weight – in fact, the physical damage from substance abuse can lead to permanent damage. And, yes, sometimes it can be fatal.
  • Mentally: Repeated drug and alcohol use can also increase the risk of doing long-term psychological damage, including severe irritability, sleep disorders, memory loss, and drowsiness. All are very common in people dealing with substance addiction. Permanent brain impairment? Yes, obviously. It's that serious.

Do I Feel Guilty about My Substance Abuse?

This, again, is a question only you alone can answer. I know what copious amounts of meth, coke, weed, and liquor can do in the short-term. I've been there. Most times, when using, I felt alright. When I wasn't using, however… It's a different story, isn't it? The biggest thing for me was guilt, the impact of my actions on those I loved, let alone myself. You can't live with it, not happily.

Addiction can lead to many things to feel guilt over. Drink-driving, road traffic accidents, legal problems, financial worries, employment loss, stealing, and begging, to name but a few. Yes, I crossed off a few of those of my addict's bucket list. Hopefully, this reaches you before you have bad stuff like that going on, because, without treatment, you will – give it time.

Is Attending Rehab What I Want?

You're an addict, so probably not. Is it what I need, however? That's a totally different question (I kinda lured you into this one). Of course, it is. It's a no-brainer, which, in itself, is a problem because your brain is not functioning as it should. Addiction has seen to that.

It's scientifically proven that substance addiction can alter brain structure. Fact. Doubt me? Look it up. If you are a stone-wall addict, you need rehab. You don't want it? Fair enough. Neither did I, but it was what I needed. As an addict, you need it too.

3 Simple Questions…

That's all they are – 3 simple, easy to answer questions – as long as you answer them truthfully. If you don't want to answer them with honesty, go and enjoy your (shortened) addict's life, try and have some fun along the way, and forget one eternal truth – how you would have been if you had sought treatment… Think again:

  • How Badly is My Substance Abuse Affecting Me?
  • Do I Feel Guilty about My Substance Abuse?
  • Is Attending Rehab What I Want?

3 simple questions – that could save your life.

What experiences do you have of deciding to go to rehab or refusing that help? How did it work out for you? What hope can you give others? Please leave a comment below to share with other readers. Lastly, go easy, and be good to yourself.

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