Popular Usage of Table Lifts

Lifts or lifting equipment existence goes back quite a long time. Their creation aided and continues to aid manufacturing and processing plants, transport and even the energy sector. Lift usage is also vital in theatres for moving lighting and setting up stages.

The history of lifting equipment dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. There is overwhelming when you look at the pyramids and their architectural genius that have stood the test of time.

Moving forward to today, with the evolution of technology, lifting equipment capabilities are mind-blowing. Not only do you see large cranes, but you can also see table lifts.

The table lift mania today

Since Charles Larson of the US patented the first scissor lift, there's been the rapid invention of the different lifting mechanism. Inventors and researchers are working hard to outdo each other to win over the customers and stump their foot in the marketplace.

Although the scissor lift is still the most commonly used table lift mechanism in table lifts, various other mechanisms are in play. They are:

  • Screw – which relies on a vertical screw to lift the table in a rotating motion
  • Rack and pinion – a bow (linear) with moving teeth rotating the rack which is basically a gear to move the table
  • Telescoping – a linear platform stored within the central cavity of a larger cylinder
  • Articulated – uses linear actuators
  • Chain and sprocket – a vertical chain with a rotating sprocket

The craze is not only rocking the industrial sector but also retail and small businesses, medical and even the traditional office setting.

Where are table lifts used?

The usage of lifts today is everywhere. You'll them used in some place you won't even imagine. Just to give you an idea, here's where you would find them in your day-to-day life?

Standing Desks

The standing desk has been with us since the 18th and 19th century so seeing one today shouldn't surprise you. The table lift comes to play when you want to adjust to a sitting mode. Sounds not right, but there's the adjustable standing desk.

The adjustable desk is currently being implemented in many corporations and business premises to aid in employee wellness. Its advantages are many and proven and with the lift, you don't even need to leave your workstation.

Adjustable electric massage table

Yeah. Nowadays everything is changing. A masseur won't need you to move back and forth, he/she ‘adjust you' practically speaking. They, with a touch of a magic button or remote control, tilt, slide or even shift you. The conventional hard massage surfaces are going to get obsolete.

The adjustable electric massage table is a resource now used to give massages to:

  • Pregnant/expectant women
  • Recuperating patients
  • And also the elderly and the physically disabled

There are also tables with lifting columns. Therefore, you won't have to raise your leg, head or neck.

Industrial lifting platforms

These are an important part of any industrial setting in that sense that you're assured work will be done. An ideal piece of equipment for carrying people, goods, and equipment from one point to the next (floor-to-floor)

The table lifts for one guaranteed safety for the people on it and offers added protection of the equipment being carried. You will also rest assured your employees won't miss work due to work-related injuries like:

  • Fall from height
  • Repetitive motion
  • Overexertion

The electric table lift, for example, can prevent all the above three. It does all the heavy lifting.

Electric Pet grooming tables

This is all for the pet lovers who always need their pets to look good ‘always'. The electric pet grooming table assists those working with large animals able to cope. This is important, as you don't need to carry the animal back and forth.

You'll walk the pet to the table base (top), place it there, and with a touch of a button or remote control lift it to the desired length to be able to groom it. It's Safe for both the staff grooming your pet and your pet too.

Height adjustable kitchen worktops

You must be going, an adjustable kitchen worktop? Yes, they really do exist. It's not science fiction or anything like that. It's ideal for someone on a wheelchair. Its operation is simple.

The kitchen worktop is fitted with actuators, which provide the muscle for extension and retraction of the worktop. Two amazing choices the user has it either a switch or remote control to pull the top down.

Vehicle servicing

This is another crucial role a table plays, vehicle servicing. Have you ever wondered how your vehicle is lifted in the air and servicemen do their thing? Well, that's the lift for you.

As it's impossible to lift table your car, the mechanisms behind it do their thing. It's an effective way of ensuring your vehicle is serviced well by the service people having proper access to your vehicle.

To conclude…

Table lifts have long been in existence. Their uses are broad and wide in almost every sector. Their main aim is to transport people, goods, and parts at short distances. They also help to ensure the safety of what's being transported. Their mode of operation can be by hand or foot. They require service from time-to-time but are savior when it comes to large and even small heavy loads.

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