Online Mental Health Platforms: Therapy Chats

You may sometimes discover that your mental problems or painful emotions prevent you from performing your duties or enjoying life. You might feel that it happens because something is wrong with you, not with your circumstances. Or you could have just had an extremely traumatic experience.

You realize you should go to a psychologist, but you don't have enough time or money for it, or you may be too afraid to discuss your problems face-to-face.

Fortunately, there are online therapy platforms to offer you the support and guidance you need, and they are available wherever you may be at the moment. With a secure Internet connection, you will have access to low-cost mental health services provided by licensed and experienced psychologists in the telephone, online therapist chat, and video formats.

Online Therapy Platforms

Like many other industries nowadays, professional mental health services are rapidly relocating to the Internet. E-counselling makes it possible for anybody with a secure Wi-Fi connection to receive therapy from any location anytime.

In addition to professional psychological treatment and crisis intervention, online therapy platforms provide:

  • e-forums where you can meet with similar problems,
  • downloadable interactive toolkits that you use for self-therapy
  • and mobile apps for you to have your online mental health resource in your pocket.

To start using their services, all you have to do is to:

  1. choose a platform,
  2. complete a quick assessment survey,
  3. select a subscription plan.

Online Therapy Chats

One comparatively recent addition to their services is an opportunity to receive psychological help in a chat format. You can use those chats:

  • at times of emotional overwhelm,
  • if you want to ask some questions,
  • in case the idea of face-to-face sessions makes you feel too anxious,
  • or when you need to share your burden with somebody.

Benefits of Online Therapy Chats

There are several advantages that online platforms have over traditional visits to therapists in physical venues.


One obvious advantage is online therapy's greater affordability. Those platforms don't rent offices, nor do they have to buy as much equipment and furniture or pay many bills. Lesser expenses make it possible for them to offer their clients much better rates.

Besides, you can cut on travel costs too. And if you live in a big city with constant traffic jams, you don't have to take so much time off work or leisure for commuting to your therapist.

As a result, online psychologists become affordable to a much larger population than their offline colleagues are. Affordability is one of the most commonly reported advantages of online services.


The second most frequently reported benefit is the greater convenience of online therapy chats. You can use them in the comfort of your home or during a lunch break at work.

Besides, you can choose between a video session if you want to see your therapist or a chat for more privacy. Otherwise, you can opt for a telephone conversation if you need the chat's privacy, but you don't feel like typing.


One aspect of online therapy's convenience deserves special notice. Since it's on the Internet that you meet with your psychologist, online help becomes available to you immediately, wherever and whenever you need it, as it is only a click away.

There is no time lag between your need for professional help and the appointment you finally have when it may be too late. This benefit is particularly applicable to crisis intervention. Online chats are available to you wherever and whenever you find yourself in an unmanageable or unbearable situation.

Greater Privacy

Some people avoid using mental health services because they are too anxious or ashamed to discuss their emotional pain and psychological problems face-to-face. Online platforms allow such people to benefit from their services in safer formats.

Not being physically present and only seeing a face on the screen creates a greater sense of privacy and security. And the clients can choose not to be seen at all, using therapy chats instead. Moreover, they can always switch between the video and the chat modes at their discretion.


Our mental problems and emotional suffering can be so overwhelming sometimes that our professional activity and our social relationships may deteriorate as a result. We might even begin to neglect usual daily activities, such as housework, hobbies, shopping, and personal hygienic practices. That's when we should start seriously considering the possibility of getting professional mental health support.

The decision rests with each one of us personally, as well as the choice of seeking psychological help online on in traditional physical settings. But it helps to know that we can always click a button and receive necessary support and assistance wherever we are right now, any time we need it.

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