Are Obesity and Smoking Hindering Your Arthritis Treatment?

It is common knowledge, obesity can be the reason for many different diseases. The ones that most people think of include diabetes and heart disease. However, there are many other things that can be happening within your body. There are many different problems that can occur with obesity. One of these things is the hindering effect it has on arthritis treatments. Another thing that is being seen to stop the effects of arthritis treatment is smoking. Smoking affects more parts of the body than one would think. Many people think that the lungs are the only organ that smoking causes damage to, but this is not true. Smoking causes damage to many parts of our body. These include the lungs, liver, heart and even skin among other things.

Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints in the body. It affects more than 20% of the people in the country. It can worsen with age and become a debilitating disease. There are many forms of arthritis. Obesity and smoking are two of the main factors that not only intensify the onset of arthritis but hinder the effects of their treatments. There are different ways that these things affect different types of arthritis.

How Obesity and Smoking Affect Treatment for Osteoarthritis 
Osteoarthritis affects more than 27 million people in the country. It's defined as a type of arthritis that damages cartilage. Cartilage is on the bones where they meet, also called the joints. When looking at obesity and how it affects osteoarthritis it is very simple. Obesity produces a greater weight and stress to the bones. This is especially detrimental to joints that are weight bearing. There is also another thing that obesity contributes to the onset of osteoarthritis. Fat cells have chemicals that expel into the body. Some of the chemicals released develop inflammation. These chemicals also have a harboring effect on treatments for osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and treatment Deterrents
Rheumatoid arthritis affects almost 2 million people within the country. Rheumatoid arthritis is a different type of arthritis than osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. It is when the body attacks the joint tissue within the body. When this happens the body becomes inflamed and causes damage to joints. This creates a lot of pain in multiple different joints. In a study recently done reasons for unsuccessful treatment plans were pointed out. This study was done in Canada at McGill University. Two of the largest factors included obesity and smoking. The patients in this study were given treatment plans with a certain kind of drug. They're known as conventional synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs. With patients who were obese and those who smoked, the results were failing.

Obesity plays a big part in Rheumatoid arthritis. The chemicals that are released from fat cells also attack the systems within your body. These include your cardiovascular system and your musculoskeletal system. These chemicals known as cytokines have a lasting impact on the body and can cause an increase in inflammation. Smoking also interferes with medications taken for Rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking affects your metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and how your body does with anaesthesia. Although smoking can be a deterrent, it can almost double the chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

The Effects of Smoking and Obesity with Lupus
The scientific name for lupus is known as lupus erythematosus. It is an autoimmune inflammatory disease. Like rheumatoid arthritis, it is when the nervous system attacks the body’s tissues. However, with lupus, it also attacks the organs as well. Many people with the disease suffer from obesity as well. Some of the things that lupus can affect is a person's daily life functions. It also contributes to their inability to climb stairs and pick things up from the ground. Obese lupus patients can incur cognitive impairment as well.

Patients with lupus have a higher risk for infections and diseases. This is due to their weakened immune system. There are certain diseases and symptoms that have a higher risk when the patient is a smoker. Many lupus patients have also developed things like pneumococcal pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. Both are very dangerous diseases. Smoking lupus patients also have a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. With a weakened immune system, they cannot fight off any infections. One good thing that research has found that the effects smoking has on lupus is reversible. If a person stops smoking then the symptoms caused by the smoking can be reversed. This is a reason that many doctors are pushing for patients to look for ways to stop smoking. Medications like Chantix have become very popular. The Chantix cost has decreased as well. Most insurances now cover it under their plan.

Over the years there have been many studies done on how smoking and obesity hinder the treatment of arthritis. With each one there has been one thing that is for sure. Obesity and smoking increase someone's risk of developing the disease. They will also increase symptoms and problems that occur with the diseases. It does not matter what kind we are looking at. All forms of arthritis are affected.

Author's Bio: Mark Alvarado is a digital nomad and freelance writer.

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