Most Common Myths About Fitness and Dieting

Taking care of your health must be important for any kind of person. With today's life tempo, we often neglect our bodies and do not take care of them as we are supposed to. People usually turn to healthy life style when something goes wrong and their first advisor is the Internet. Unfortunately, not everything that you read online about fitness lifestyle or dieting is true. So today, we decided to unveil the biggest myths about fitness and dieting that you probably read online.

Myth 1 – To lose weight you have to eat small amount of food

This is probably one of the most common myths about losing weight that ever existed. In fact, the more you eat, the faster you metabolism works. The trick is not in the amount of food but in the number of calories. One small chocolate bar can have the same number of calories as a huge bowl of cabbage and salad. But guess which one of them will make you fatter? Just break your usual daily dose of calories into 3 or 5 small doses and you will be fine. And do not forget about making your meals healthy, no junk food!

Myth 2 – Using weights is bad for women's body shape

This is not completely true. According to the research, female body is just not able to become as ‘bulky' as male's. You are only risking to start looking like a man if you take some steroids. In all other cases, weights will help you build long and lean muscles and tone up your body. Just use them wisely and better consult a trainer beforehand.

Myth 3 – You can get a ‘six pack' by constantly working out your core

Who does not dream of abs like those people whose photos you often see as the part of a personal trainer website builder? You will most likely never see those if you do not accompany your workout routine with healthy diet and strict daily schedule. Just working out your muscles will not give you much, it should be a complex effort.

Myth 4 – Stretching is not important

We say – it is. Moreover, it is just as important as the main part of your workout routine. Stretching session allows you to elongate your muscles, avoid ‘bulkiness' that we discussed before and increase mobility of your joints, therefore preventing different kinds of trauma.

Myth 5 – Eating healthy is boring

Most people for some reason believe that ‘clean diet' means that you are only allowed to eat chicken and vegetables. Sure, you will not be able to spoil yourself with junk food, as you probably have done before, but eating healthy gives you so many opportunities to choose from! Consult your doctor about your menu and include those foods that you like the most. Eating healthy can be tasty and diverse!

Myth 6 – The more you work out, the better

Your body needs some time to relax after the workout or your muscles simply will not be able to build. By getting yourself exhausted, you are only making things worse. So even if you spend 5 days a week in the gym, make sure that not all of them are you working out in ‘hardcore' mode, dedicate a day for stretching and relaxing routines. Maybe, try some yoga. At least one day of your week should be free from any kind of workout.

Myth 7 – The more you sweat, the skinnier you become

Sweating allows your body to control its temperature, nothing more than that.


Working out and keeping a clean diet is pretty hard, especially in a modern world, where we barely have time for anything except for our jobs. Today Internet is filled with advices on how to stay fit, but the problem is that not all of them are true and safe. We hope that this list will help you to become more aware of those things.

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