Must Know Facts About Taking ED Pills

Erectile dysfunction is absolutely normal. There's most likely nothing inherently wrong with you if you can't get it up sometimes. Heck, some days we don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Some days we'd rather not go for a run. Why do we put so much pressure and emphasis on our erection? Unless we're in the adult film industry, we use our penis maybe 1% of the day. More likely less. So if you find yourself in a situation where you need a little help to get the motion going with your partner, so be it. It's absolutely fine.

But before you start on any sort of ED treatment, there's a few facts you should know.

Only use doctor prescribed ED treatments

First off, do not take anything you find in a gas station. You know those horribly packaged “Hard Robust Rhino 69 No Headache!” pills? Avoid them at all cost. They are not tested or regulated by anyone and can very well have dangerous substances in them. Stick to a doctor-prescribed treatment plan. There are so many options. Outside of pills, you have bluechew, a candy-like alternative to popping the pills. These days it really is up to you, but make sure to check out online reviews before picking one up. Anything is better than untested treatments. Your penis is too important to risk any sort of damage from the “Intimate Ninja Master” pills at 7/11.

How they work

ED treatments work by blocking an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5, while at the same time, boosting a compound called nitric oxide. This allows the muscles in the penis to relax, letting blood flow at will so you can achieve an erection. Most take about 30 minutes to work. Why? Because that's the average time it takes anything like that to absorb into your bloodstream on an empty stomach.

What are the different kinds?

There are two general forms of ED treatment: immediate release and extended release. Most ED drugs, due to the nature of intimate interaction, are immediate release. But there are higher doses of product that are meant for extended release over a period of up to 36 hours. Figuring out what's right for you based on your needs is important while talking to your doctor.

ED pills and alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption is a huge problem for your penis. It's one of the main reasons why modern men experience ED in the first place. But due to, once again, the nature of sexual interaction, many want to know if you can drink on ED drugs. The answer, like most medical answers, is “yes and no.” Having a few drinks with an ED drug is fine. It won't interact. But once you get to the higher number of alcoholic drinks, you risk something called orthostatic hypotension. This means that blood won't get to where you want it to go, like your brain, and you could literally pass out from standing up too quickly. So to combat this, and keep the night going, stick to two drinks. It's the legal limit. You can drive home and still be fine with 2 drinks.

Erectile dysfunction is nothing to be embarrassed about. It's a medically diagnosable disorder that may very well be temporary. Even in our 20s, the stress and lifestyles we have contributed heavily. It's fine. We don't need validation from a partner. We can do directly to a doctor.

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