Moving from Smoking to Vaping: What to Expect From Your Body

So you have been smoking for long and there have been numerous calls from your family and friends urging you to stop. And at last, you have decided to give in to their pleas and that of your inner voice. It feels like one of the best decisions you have ever made, and it actually is. You see, when you quit smoking, you allow your body to get rid of the toxins, get rid of the smell of tobacco and of course boost the supply of oxygen. But the transition process isn't as easy as it might sound. And that's why most individuals opt to switch to vaping before getting to not smoking at all. So if this sounds like something you want to do, continue reading to learn what to expect from your body

Side Effects Of Vaping To The Body?

Now that you at least have a clue about the technicalities of vaping. It's time to look at its possible effects on your body;


Your body might be intolerant to certain e-liquids, mainly the propylene glycol. And you can experience nausea, skin irritation and stomach upsets. Get some vegetable glycerin based-liquids to neutralize it.


This one is seen as one of the cleansing processes. And most individuals go through it. But instead of viewing it as annoying, understand it as one of the ways your body is using to get rid of toxins and clear the airways, from the build-up tar and mucus.

Shaking And Headaches

It comes as a result of your body's response to nicotine fluctuation rather than the symptoms of smoking withdrawal. You see, the way your body receivers nicotine from vaping is way different from that of smoking, this the reaction. Just adjust the intake until you're comfortable then try gradually lowering it.


When you smoke, your body's oxygen circulation significantly reduces to just various major organs. So when you start vaping, the body returns to its normal circulation and your body might respond to this by making you feel a little bit dizzy and lightheaded. But don't worry as this will only last for the first few days. If the dizziness doesn't wear check the amount of nicotine you consume as it also has this effect.


The e-liquids (vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol) are known to absorb water from the mouth into the breathed-out vapor, thus leaving you feeling dry and thirsty. Increase your water intake and you will be fine.

Is It Hard To Switch?

There is no definite answer to this as it depends from one person to the other. Some get used to it immediately and others take a while. You will, however, have to learn the correct techniques of getting your e-cigarette started such as the correct amount of liquid, how to properly inhale and achieving perfect nicotine strength and correct flavoring. Some individuals swear by the juul vape canada; one of the best selling closed system pod kits on the market. The closed kit ensures you receive the correct amount of nicotine strengths and various flavor pods for your selection.

Quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you could ever make. It leaves your body feeling stronger and fresh. But it's the transition process isn't that easy. And that's why you might need to go through vaping before totally quitting. But before you decide on that, purpose to know the side effects to your body. And it's our hope that you find this article helpful for that. All the best!

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