8 Ways to Look and Feel Younger for Longer

What is the mythical and mystical Fountain of Youth?

The Fountain of Youth is a mythical spring that supposedly restores the youth (or the appearance of youth) of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. This tale of the elusive Fountain of Youth has floated around for thousands of years, dating all the way back to (c. 484-435 BCE). The first recorded mention of the fountain is from the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who gave an account that there was such a fountain in Ethiopia.

Alas, no such fountain has ever been found, that we are aware of, leaving us to come up with various ways to preserve our youthful appearance. Below are 8 ways to look and feel younger for longer.

1. Beauty Sleep Aplenty
…you look less attractive, less healthy, sad, and your attitude is poor when you lack sleep. In addition, sleeping on your back instead of on your stomach or sides alleviates pressure on the face, helping to prevent these wrinkles.

2. Adopt a Good Skin Care Regimen
Clean and moisturize your skin. Your hands always tell your true age, so keep them moisturized as well. Start your daily skin care routine by washing your face and then gently exfoliating it. After cleansing, apply a moisturizer that contains ingredients like vitamins A, C & E to hydrate the skin. A vitamin-rich moisturizer will help keep your skin firm, elastic and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Keep Your Wardrobe Current
Your wardrobe can be aging you and you are none the wiser. If you are still wearing clothes or shoes from 15 years ago, your wardrobe is stale meaning it may be time to refresh your look. Forgo trendy pieces and invest in getting basic, classic pieces and having them tailored.

4. Eat Clean
Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish like salmon and tuna, helps reduce inflammation in your body, lower your risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease or cancer. While eating leafy greens they contain Vitamin E. Vitamin E is very important as it will keep your skin glowing. Drink lots of water. Regularly drinking water can improve the color and texture of your skin by keeping it building new cells properly.

5. Cut out tobacco and keep alcohol in moderation
Smoking dehydrates your skin. Cigars and cigarettes reduce vitamin C in your body which leads to collagen breakdown and wrinkle formation. Alcohol, like tobacco, dehydrates your skin plus drains your body of nutrients.

6. Exercise, Exercise and Exercise
Exercise increases blood flow, moving oxygen and nutrients to working cells in the body. Remember your skin is made up of multiple cells so exercise promotes a more youthful look.

7. Cut the stress
Stress ages you so retain your youthful personality.

8. An Aesthetic Procedure
There are a number of non-invasive professional treatments available to help you stay younger looking longer, such as Botox, fat transfers or dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are used to fill lines and spaces, while fat can be removed from other areas of your body, then used on the face to fill and increase volume. These are not permanent procedures so if you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can visit a board certified plastic surgeon.

If you decide to go the enhancement route, Heartland Plastic Surgery Des Moines should be your first stop. No matter if you are a man or a woman, you want to look and feel younger. While health is the most important factor, a certified and trusted plastic surgeon can do wonders for your appearance.

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