Living With Fibromyalgia: Improving Sleep Quality

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain in the body. Other symptoms of the condition include fatigue, problems sleeping, as well as mood and memory issues. It is believed that the condition enhances sensations of pain by influencing the manner in which the brain process pain signals. Because individuals who are living with this condition are often unable to get a good night’s rest, enhancing sleep environment is recommended for managing the symptoms of pain and fatigue effectively.

Enhancing Comfort Is Vital

While medications and sleep aids are often recommended by medical professionals for individuals who are living with fibromyalgia, additional factors can be adjusted to enhance comfort and aid quality sleep. Enhancing comfort is an aspect that can positively increase relaxation and calm. Opting for the best mattress for fibromyalgia will effectively enhance comfort and ensure that individuals with this condition will be able to manage restlessness and other sleep issues. Because motion disturbances are one of the main reasons many people battle to sleep through the night, a comfortable mattress that provides adequate support is crucial. Other methods of enhancing comfort include selecting soft cotton fabrics for sheets and ensuring your sleep environment is as dark as possible. 

Exercise Regularly

While regular exercise is recommended for individuals with this chronic condition as an important aspect of treatment, regular exercise is also essential for proper sleep. However, exercise should be avoided in the evenings as it will likely prevent sleep. The most suitable times to take part in exercise is usually in the mornings. The effects of physical activity will strengthen muscles and reduce pain associated with the condition while also beneficially improving sleep quality. Creating a suitable exercise routine is beneficial as it can effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and improve the quality of how we sleep.

Forming Healthy Sleep Habits

While individuals hoping to manage the sleep issues linked with this condition, adapting to ideal sleep habits is beneficial for everyone. Forming a suitable sleep routine that allows adequate rest will eventually assist with regular quality sleep. In order to create healthy sleep habits, it is recommended to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing warm bath in the evenings to reduce muscle tension and stress. Additional options to create a sleep routine include using natural sleep remedies such as chamomile tea and lavender aromatherapy. 

The Importance Of A Suitable Sleep Environment

In order to ensure that proper rest is possible, it is vital to focus on creating an environment that encourages relaxation and calm. This can be achieved by removing electronics from your bedroom and avoiding blue light exposure in the evenings. Individuals that are living with fibromyalgia and other conditions that affect sleep quality should consider playing soft and soothing sounds in the evenings to promote sleep through calming music. It is recommended to keep soothing sounds playing constantly throughout the night. There are several studies that confirm the effectiveness of soothing musical sounds to improve sleep quality for individuals struggling with these conditions.

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