Kratom: The Underrated Miracle Worker

Everyone is trying to find the next thing that will change their life forever. Some people look for new phones while others look for the next fashion trend but then there are others who look for the next best thing that will help improve their health. Eating a healthy diet will decrease your chances of getting any diseases and promote a long life.

Kratom is something that a lot of people don’t know about and it actually helps decrease stress. There are a lot of strains such as yellow Vietnam kratom and green indo kratom but each of them has different effects on the body. You can buy yellow Vietnam Kratom and similar strains from kratom krush. We will go into detail and explain everything you need to know about kratom and how it can possibly change your life for the better.

So let us go through the grass roots and understand what kratom is. Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree called mitragyna speciosa and it normally grows in the southeast region of Asia. The countries it naturally grows in are Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea. It is an herbal extract that comes from the leaves and can be either crushed, eaten raw, or brewed into different drinks or teas. It can also be produced and condensed into a liquid form.

The leaves are used for medicinal purposes or it can be used as a recreational drug just like other products such as CBD or marijuana depending where you live in the world. What kratom is primarily used for is to help people that are dealing with anxiety, depression, and for people that have muscle pains.

Kratom is also taken to help people with dietary issues who eat too much or too little. One of the effects that kratom gives you is that it suppresses hunger meaning that every time you take it, you won’t get hungry for a short period of time. For people trying to lose weight, this could be an organic natural alternative compared to diet pills.

Kratom has some very unique chemical properties that make people feel euphoric and energized. One of the reasons why kratom gives you that effect is due to one of the properties inside the kratom leaf is called alkaloids. Alkaloids are naturally occurring organic compounds that contain nitrogen and it interacts with your body to produce certain effects.

Also, there are two primary compounds inside the kratom leaves called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These compounds interact with the opioid receptors in the brain to produce sensations of pleasure, sedation, alertness, and can also decrease pain.

It is important to know that because kratom is a botanical substance, meaning it comes from an herbal plant, it contains naturally occurring psychoactive properties. Because of this, people have used it to help them relax and it comforts them knowing that it is one of the few all natural plant-based products out there that can produce the same effect.

Some of the known side effects that kratom has are nausea, loss of appetite, sweating, dry mouth, constipation or an increase in urination, and dizziness. Since it is a stimulant that has expected opioid-like side effects, there are cases where people experience withdrawals and dependency if they are using kratom. From the current research being done, kratom is not addictive but just like anything out there, if abused or not done in moderation, there may be some really bad consequences that can lead to hospitalization or serious medical issues. Some of the consequences that can happen are kratom withdrawals and it can affect people dramatically if not treated on time.

Kratom is a stimulant which means that once you take it, you will feel more energetic, have an increase in stamina and feel like you are ready to take on any task. This product is used for people who are usually fighting fatigue during their day. Many people who have long work hours and don’t want to drink 4 cups of coffee a day switch over to kratom because it may do less harm to their body.

Since kratom is practically unknown to western culture but the effects that this plant gives are being widely known very quickly. The almost instantaneous feeling is very appealing to people who are in college or below 35 years old who need something stronger to keep them alert throughout the day.

Kratom is currently legal in the United States according to the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, but they do heed a warning for those who use the product. According to the FDA, they are actively evaluating all the available scientific information on the topic and do not encourage people to mix kratom with other prescriptions or over the counter drugs. They also mention that there is still much more research to be done over kratom and that they don’t even have a full understanding of what kratom does to the body.

What we do know is this; kratom has helped millions of people over the years treat their mental and physical disorders and disabilities. So how can people use kratom to help improve their life? There are a number of different ways people can use kratom but the most common ways are by mixing the crushed kratom into foods or drinks, taking capsules, or mixing it into teas.

Personally, I use kratom to help me stay productive and I also use it to help overcome my social anxiety. Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that are present or have yet to come. Some people have such bad cases of social anxiety that they fear leaving the apartment. Look, I’ve been there and I can say that it takes intelligence to realize a problem and a lot of courage to confront it.

When I was going through these problems, I actively started looking for solutions like pharmaceutical prescriptions and over the counter medications but nothing really helped me as much as kratom did and for that I am eternally grateful. I began by taking kratom tea and then slowly increased my dosage and stopped at 3 grams after I felt my body was at the perfect amount. After this, I felt like I could finally take back my life and become the person who I always wanted to be.

Now, there are a variety of strains that help people improve their health but some have specific benefits and some are stronger than others. Some of those strains are Maeng Da, Red Bali Kratom, Green Indo Kratom, and Green Elephant Kratom. There are obviously way more strains than that but in general, the most popular strain people like to use and bestselling is the Green Indo Kratom, see here for more info.

These strains focus on lessening anxiety and stress, lowering fatigue throughout the day, lowering pain relief, and having an overall increase in focus. These stimulants should be considered if you are experiencing any issues that you believe can be cured or tolerated with kratom. Also, before consuming the product, look for a recommended dosage that is right for you and it is better to start with a lower amount and slower increase if the effects are not felt compared to taking too much at once and increasing the likelihood of side effects.

Starting to continuously promote healthy habits at a young age is important so that later in life you won’t have any major health issues. This is of course not including any genetic and predispositions the person may already have. Kratom is one of the products that can help you if you use the correct dosage and it can help you enjoy your day a little bit more without any stress.

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