Invisalign – 3 Essential Facts You Must Know Before You Sign Up

Straightening one's teeth goes beyond metal braces now. According to this article, the aesthetically-offensive and uncomfortable metal braces are now part of the past with the advancement of technology. Now, we move forward to a more efficient and convenient teeth straightener: The Invisalign

But despite its obvious superiority over traditional braces, there are still people using the latter over the former. Why is that? This article attempts to answer this question and inform the reader of possible facts before you sign up for an Invisalign service. Does it make a difference if something from the past or something made for the future touches your pearly whites? Read on to find out.

Fact #1: Invisalign Is A Popular and Safe Service

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment used to align mild to moderate misalignment and address the bite. If the name isn’t obvious enough, this product attempts to hide what traditional braces cannot: The way it looks. Some find the metal brace charming, but nothing beats natural-looking teeth.

Since its introduction, Invisalign has gained supporters and non-believers alike, though the former's ratio outweighs the latter. A lot of orthodontists and dentists, one of them being Invisalign at The Dental Room, have this in their array of services. Don't worry about its availability! What do some customers worry about, however, is its overall cost and regular visit. This service is pricey, so here's the real question: Is it worth the pretty penny?

Brief History Of Invisalign
Before we answer that question, let's recall where this clear, modern teeth straightener came from. It started during the mid-'90s when Zia Chishti was trying to get some braces. During the session he had with the doctor, he had counted all the inconveniences a traditional brace gives someone such as him (a busy young adult in college). After he got his retainers, he thought of a ground-breaking idea: why not use plastic retainers instead of metal ones?

Years later, Chishti will team up with three other like-minded persons, namely Kelsey Wirth, and two graduate students, Apostolos Lerios and Brian Freyburger. Together, they start to Align, the company where Invisalign originated from. The rest, being budget, models, mock-ups, and other features, is history.

Today, Invisalign is one of the most popular services offered for those who wish to get braces. Dentists were initially skeptical, but after working with Invisalign for a few years, the users grew. By 2012, there were over 2 million users for this teeth straightener. So is Invisalign worth your money? The answer is yes, and here are the reasons why this service is worth it for your teeth.

Fact #2: Invisalign Has Many Benefits

• Invisible in appearance
What makes this service very popular, and the main reasons customers choose this over traditional braces is that it can be discreet. This service allows you a hassle-free conversation and a confident smile.

• It's extremely comfy.
Braces aren't the greatest thing to have in your mouth. It can cause your gums and teeth to get sore for a few days, and for the rest of the time you have it on, it'll bring mild discomfort. Invisalign knows no such weakness. It's made of plastic trays, thus having no sharp edges to worry about. It's also custom-fit for your teeth.

• Convenient to clean
These trays are removable and can also be cleaned with your toothbrush. Afterward, it can be popped back in for further use. However, keep in mind that this should be worn 22 hours a day to meet its desired efficiency.

• You have no food restrictions.
The saddest thing about having traditional braces is all the food you have to avoid. Found in an informative leaflet here: are said foods you are heavily discouraged because traditional ones aren't something you can remove during mealtimes. It also includes some FAQs for a first-timer.

Because Invisalign is easy to remove, eating anything you want won't be an issue. No more missed celebrations or dampened moods because you wanted to eat something in your no-no list. Take off your Invisalign, eat, brush your teeth, then pop it back in. It's that simple!

• Save Time
This is what Chishti aimed for when he thought about making the first Invisalign model: an easy to use, time-saving teeth straightener. This type needs to be maintained every month, while other available options will take more visits and more time to spend on tightening the brace.

We're aware that each pro has a con, so what can you expect as a major disadvantage of Invisalign?

The Price
This service is indeed pricey if compared to traditional braces. And that's because the former is more modern, more efficient, and more comfortable for the wearer than its counterpart. Still, this is the first thing customers shy away from, and that's why many dentists and orthodontists offer cheaper packages that rely heavily on how many teeth require aligning and how many aligners are needed.

Fact #3: Easy and Hassle-Free Process

Ready to get this service for your pearly whites? Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works, from booking an appointment to getting your product.

It all starts with an Invisalign consultation. Experienced aesthetic dentists will interview you and hear all your smile concerns to tailor a service for your needs.

They'll show you a smile scan of your teeth before the service and after you've finished it. Pretty exciting to see the result before you've even started. It gives customers something to look forward to and check if the overall result pleases them.

Next, you'll be visiting your dentist to get your aligners. Each week, you can be given three sets of aligners to use in a one to two-week duration. It means fewer visiting hours in the dentist's office and more time for you to go and enjoy life!

The rest will only be for maintenance. Each month, there will be a support appointment to check the treatment's progress and hear your feedback as well.

After the treatment, complimentary teeth whiteners and retainers are given for that perfect smile. The treatment is finished with little to no discomfort and complications on your part.

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