7 Ways to Improve Concentration and Get Things Done

We all like to be busy and productive, but one of the biggest hurdles in the way of that is our concentration levels. Without being able to maintain good focus, it can be really tough to get through everything we need to. Despite being a huge challenge, there are several things we can do to help us to focus.

Here's our top seven ways to improve concentration in order to get things done.

1. Focus on just one thing

When we have a lot of stuff on our plates, we can be our own worst enemies. There is constant pressure on us to fulfill every responsibility regardless of the priority, and this usually results in us doing little work towards many goals. This can be completely unproductive. The best way to go about a long list of things to do is to do each thing one by one. Start by focusing on a few smaller tasks that might only take a few hours to complete and get them done first. By then, you'll be so motivated, having crossed things off your list already that you'll be able to take on a bigger task without even thinking about it.

2. Eliminate distractions

When we are doing work that we don't really want to do, we subconsciously look for other things to distract us whether we want to or not. This can make getting things done very difficult. If you work in front of the television then you'll find your mind drifting off task all the time. The best thing to do is to remove unwanted distractions. The keyword here is unwanted – if you work better when you listen to music than you should keep doing that. However, video games and TV shows, and even online distractions like Facebook will work against you.

3. Bring your mind to peace

If you have a racing mind, then you aren't going to get anything done, no matter how hard you try. A racing mind is a symptom of a bigger problem, and you have two options in dealing with it. Firstly, you can try and solve the issue you can't stop thinking about before you start working on your to-do list. Or, if there's nothing you can do about the problem, you can try to learn some meditation techniques that can bring calm to your mind. This will enable you to silence your mind and increase productivity.

4. De-clutter your workspace

Our work areas tend to be a physical representation of the type of thinkers we are. A clean, de-cluttered workspace represents order and enables a productive working environment. On the other hand, a cluttered workspace usually indicates that we are stressed out and not working efficiently. You can help yourself to concentrate by de-cluttering your workspace in order to show yourself that you can work better. It's a neat little trick, but it's important not to let the de-cluttering process become a distraction in itself.

5. Exercise

If you are a workaholic, then you probably spend a lot of time hunched over in front of your desk or computer. This can wreak havoc on your body and results in all sorts of problems that can reduce your concentration levels and productivity. To combat this, you should take some time each day to get some exercise. This could be a half an hour walk during your lunch break, or you could try and hit the gym or a yoga class either before or after work. It will give you a good way to break up the monotony of work, too.

6. Clarify your goals

If you don't know what end goal you are working towards, then it can be really tough to maintain a good level of concentration while you work. On the other hand, if you clearly define your goals, then you'll find yourself in the best zone to get things done. When defining your goals, make sure you not only include one main goal, but several other sub-goals that are within reach along the way. The reason for this is that the act of meeting goals, no matter how big or small, can increase your motivation and enable you to concentrate better.

7. Get a little help

Trying a lot of mental techniques is one way to increase your level of concentration. However, you might be the kind of person who needs a little extra. There are several safer substitutes for Adderall, which fall into a class of drugs called Nootropics. These drugs are far safer and can give you the energy boost you need in order to get through your workload.

If you're finding it difficult to meet your goals and work efficiently, it might be due to a lack of concentration. There are many ways you can go about increasing your concentration levels, and this can vastly improve your work output. If you use our guide to improve your concentration, you'll be kicking goals and meeting deadlines before you know it.

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