How to Protect Your Mental Health in College

The beginning of college life is a pretty stressful period for most students out there. Usually, this is the first time you have been away from your home and miss all the important people in your life. But don’t worry, you will soon be able to adjust to your new life full of new teachers and friends. The following tips will help you have strong mental health even in the storm and stress of college life:

Make Sure You Get Adequate Sleep

Through sleep, the rigors of the working day get sorted out. But during your college years, it is easy to miss out on the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep. This makes you feel tired, down, and even overwhelmed.

Sleep is absolutely essential for your body as the latter produces many essential hormones like dopamine and serotonin while you sleep. These chemicals assist you in fighting stress and anxiety and ensure that you don’t end up feeling depressed.

To ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, you must switch off all tech devices around you. This will help you to sleep and ensure that you don’t awake because of a ringing phone in the middle of the night.

Seek out and Meet the College Mental Health Counsellor

Most decent universities out there provide some service-related psychological counseling. The majority of student’s psychological problems don’t go unaddressed. It is vital to solve all the issues at the beginning in order to get rid of the severe consequences later. So, meeting a college mental health counselor is a real idea if you want to be healthy mentally in college.

Being Friends and Roommates

College friends are typically lifelong friends. They not only serve to support you during your college days, but this bond lasts for a lifetime. You should not really worry about making friends in your college. It will happen at the appropriate time. You will make some friends from your class, meet people in sports or academic clubs, and become friends with them. Not to mention the people your friends will introduce you to. Another crucial group of people in your college life are your roommates. They can be both great friends and cause you immense stress as well. Even if they are friendly, there will likely be issues with things like bedtimes, music, and so on. It is a good idea to talk over such things right at the outset, which helps to minimize the conflict later on. If there is some recurring problem, it is a good idea to get in touch with your RA over the same.

Effectively Deal With Stress

Stress is very much a part of modern life, like perhaps technology. You would do well to carry out activities which help you to reduce stress. Things like Tai Chi, walking, exercising, keeping journals, or looking after and playing with a pet are great ways to fight this stress. Use your humor to the fullest and see the best things in life. Fun and laughter are great ways to relax and to ease pain besides a great stress-fighter.

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