How to Manage Mental Health During the Second Wave of Covid-19

What an emotional year it has been! The whole humanity got stuck in a knot of economic, social and epidemiologic issues. This crisis like tornado took away our serenity and positivity, ceasing the way to depression and fear for the future and lives of our beloved ones. These days more than ever we need emotional support from a stable and reliable source and here come pets that are our personal 911 in many life emergencies.

Emotional Support Animals to Help You Cope with Depression and Uncertainty

Emotional support animals are in demand in such turbulent times. But how can one improve its emotional and even physical state by just communicating with a pet? In many ways, and it's not only getting a dog to legitimately going out twice a day during a total lockdown. No jokes, based on the studies of British scientists in Manchester and Southampton Universities, animals help maintain and gain so-called “ontological security”. This is a fundamental prerequisite of vital activity of every human being, in plain words, it's a sequence of daily routine activities, that give a sense of security. No need to explain how much our lives have changed in 2020 pandemic reality.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are not specially trained, have no particular requirements, apart from being friendly and non-aggressive. They are required to spread love, but this function is “preinstalled” in every little furry loving creature. Your pet will adapt to your lifestyle, your needs and timetable. If your animal is recognized as an ESA you can take it with you, rent an apartment with “no animal” restrictions without any fear of being thrown out. Nevertheless, there are certain regulations on the matter, you'd better consult Certifymypet.

The Strength of Human-Animal Bond

Striking was the discovery made by a now famous New York psychiatrist c about 50 years ago when one of his patients appeared in his office. The boy was fighting severe autism and never seemed to win the fight. The doctor was out of office, but his little puppy remained there. When a boy entered he started playing with the dog, laughing emotionally, he was so entertained and engaged in the game. The prescription of the doctor was to buy a puppy, and a miraculous transformation happened: the boy grew his communication skills, made friends. Inspired by this outcome Dr. Levinson's dog became his work companion. Later he will first use the term “zootherapy” in one of his books. Traditional medicine has adapted horses and dolphins as therapy pets, but dogs and cats, as well as many other creatures, that we keep at home as a pet, hide so many positive surprises.

Better than Vitamins

While scientists in many countries fight hard for elaboration of the vaccine, that will give relatively high positive outcome percent, professional epidemiologists and doctors all over the world coincide in one important notion: our immunity needs to be strong to resist the virus and germs that are attacking our bodies daily.

Year 2020 has become a non-stop ad for immunity strengthening and its guards have always been nearby: our pets. The immune function is under attack in times of constant stress that blocks the ability of our body to stand against infections. But animals can diminish this ruining effect by easing the stress and lowering the level of cortisol hormone while simply petting them. Many dog and cat owners say they don't buy vitamins, as their pets have more effect on their immunity, though there is no direct medical study supporting this statement.

Why People Decide to Adopt Pets

Noticeably, the amount of animals taken from shelters this spring has risen tremendously. Some shelters in the U.S. were left empty and still remain that, as all the animals have found their families. Would sound strange that in the times of economic instability for an average citizen people opted for adoption, therefore for even more expenses and responsibility, if not so understandable.

In the multiple surveys made in 2020 the number one reason why take animals home during hardship times was “it gives me emotional support”, “I have found a friend” and “my pet helps me alleviate stress and prevent depression”. Many people nowadays are medically prescribed an emotional support animal. Here you can find more reasons why you should think about adopting an ESA pet.

In the end of every year we tend to recap everything, think of what was done right, what is still missing to be done and of course enjoy fabulous December, that together with Christmas season brings us hope and belief in miracles. Year 2020 was emotionally tough, but not for our emotional support animals. Go ahead, grab your furry friend and charge happiness and positivity for the whole year ahead!

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