How Can You Involve Family In The Treatment And Recovery Process

The family is an interconnected system wherein no member should be considered an isolated individual. This is one fact that must be observed especially during times when a member is afflicted with addiction and needs to recover from it. Obtaining help from a family member can sometimes be difficult when anger and hatred between each other are present. Nevertheless, family members together can do wonders with the recovery and treatment process.

If your loved one is going through the same process, here are tips to help you get involved and make recovery more possible.

Encourage total abstinence

Family members should help their loved ones realize the importance of abstinence. Everyone should work together in eliminating exposure to situations or things that could trigger their loved one’s addiction. The people behind Recovery Works believe that abstinence will become easier if one is encouraged to participate in recreational activities. This provides a good distraction. Becoming busy with worthwhile activities can help addiction tendencies to eventually disappear. Family members should also be there for their loved one and help him or her be a part of a social network that also emphasizes the importance of abstinence. 

Provide help in developing stress coping skills

People battling with addiction may find it too difficult to cope with stress. This is when family members should offer their help and be partners in developing stress coping skills. Possessing the ability to better cope with minor and major stressors in life reduces tendencies to succumb to any addictive behavior and thus is crucial for one’s recovery process. Family members should be there to have ears always ready to listen. They should let their loved ones know that they are willing to offer help when stressful issues set in.

Eliminate family friction

Although this may seem easier said than done but this is a must for a speedy recovery of a loved one going through addiction treatment. Conflict within the family can be a real cause of stress and this can contribute to one’s tendency for relapse. Good communication skills are important for minimizing tension among family members. Open and constructive communication helps in maximizing the family’s support for someone who is undergoing addiction treatment. Family friction can also be lessened by spending quality time together.

Motivate one to join support groups

Family members can be a real source of motivation to encourage their loved ones in joining support groups. Different support groups provide support for specific mental health problems. There are support groups for people trying to recover from alcohol and any substance addiction. Family members should find ways to squeeze in enough time to accompany their loved one in meetings and activities for these support groups. Everyone in the family should be aware of the philosophies that these support groups advocate for. This is important so that these concepts can be inculcated within the family’s daily life. Thus, together they can help their loved one increase their chances of becoming successful in the treatment and recovery process. 

The family remains to be the best source of support for individuals going through treatment and recovery from addiction. Long-term abstinence is more likely to be realized when there is enough family involvement. The support given by rehab institutions and other social services could be in vain without support from family members. 

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