What Are the Benefits of Using Insoles

If you've bought shoes at any point in the last few years, then you have no doubt been offered insoles to go with them. These are a popular additional purchase for many people, including casual shoe wearers as well as runners, sportsmen, and other people who use are reliant on their shoes for their professional work.

But are there really any benefits to wearing insoles or are they just another marketing ploy? We think that they're the real deal and that they offer genuine benefit to those who wear them. What follows are just a small number of the definite benefits that insoles offer wearers.

Support the Arches of Your Feet

Many people would argue that this is the single biggest advantage of wearing insoles. In fact, many of the other benefits of using insoles flow from this one benefit, so it is worth exploring in more detail.

More support for your foot arches means that they won't flatten so much when you run. As a result of this, especially if your feet are an awkward shape, your feet will be encouraged to move more naturally and be considerably less prone to strain and injury.

Enhanced Comfort

Anyone who has ever tried to do some serious running in a pair of cheap shoes can testify as to just how painful it can be. Not only this but it becomes uncomfortable to run for anything more than a few minutes.

While you should still invest in a pair of proper running shoes, running with insoles will be much more comfortable, regardless of the shoes that you wear. For many people, this is every bit as important as the health benefits that insoles offer.

A Cheap Purchase

For all the benefits that they bring, you can get insoles for a remarkably low price. Check out these New Balance insoles for an example of insoles that combine an affordable price with a top-quality product.

Even the more expensive insoles are a small price to pay when you consider the practical and comfort benefits that they bring.

Less Risk of Shin Splints

Shin splints sound painful but trust us – it's even worse actually having them. Shin splints manifest as a strong pain behind the shins. This pain feels like it is in the bone itself, but it is actually a muscle pain. Shin splints are nearly always caused by footwear that doesn't offer enough cushioning on hard surfaces.

Putting an insole in each of your running shoes will add to the cushioning and will absorb a lot of the impact shock that your feet would otherwise be subjected to if they only had the soles of your shoes to protect them.

Using insoles offer a number of benefits to runners who choose to wear them. Even a very good pair of insoles only cost a relatively small amount for the myriad benefits they bring. If you are tired of suffering from running injuries or general discomfort in your feet, insoles could be the ideal solution.

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