Setting Up A Home Gym In 4 Easy Steps!

If you want to set up a gym at the confines of your home, now is as good a time as any. The contagious disease does not seem to go out soon—and unfortunately, neither are you. As quarantine ramps up, studios and fitness centers have temporarily closed their doors to the masses. While it is enticing to forgo working out, staying fit is important now more than ever (read more).

Even before this fiasco, many people find it hard to include daily workout sessions in their busy schedules. With work and home responsibilities weighing down your shoulders, finding the time to use your gym membership creates inconvenient schedule complications. The ultimate solution? Build a gym of your own!

Contrary to popular belief, home gyms are not a luxurious endeavor. With a few dollars, spare room, and internet at your disposal, creating the perfect at-home gym is within your reach. Here are a few things to help you set up and bring your fitness dreams to life.

1. Be decisive
Building your home fitness studio is not a small venture; it needs time and dedication. Like any life-decision, you need to be decisive and ready to commit to a different kind of fitness lifestyle than the one you are used to. Having your own studio may be exciting at first, but once the elation wears off, you will start to see A LOT of excuses not to workout.

Home gyms are brimming with advantages, but it is not for everyone. Some people love the gym noise and draw motivation from it. Socially inclined individuals thrive from gym chats and buddies. Others love going to the actual studio as a form of escape and relaxation. If you belong to this group, then a home workout may not be the most suitable idea.

Before going in this direction, ready yourself for future disadvantages that you might encounter. When you are at home, there are thousands of excuses to skip your workout and do other chores instead. Be disciplined enough to still stick to the original purpose of why you invested in a home gym. Do not let distractions derail you from achieving your fitness goals.

2. Stick to the budget
While it is tempting to buy the Peloton treadmill you have been gushing about, it is important to stick to the essentials first. Invest in foundational and multi-purpose equipment on a budget. To avoid overspending, you can visit home gym websites and scour equipment reviews for quality yet affordable workout essentials.

Fill your gym with pieces of equipment that are effective and have a variety of uses such as

  • Resistance bands
  • Yoga mats
  • Olympic barbell or kettlebell
  • Foam rollers and balance ball
  • Dumbbells and medicine balls
  • Jump rope and hula hoop

These foundational pieces can address any fitness plans or goals you have set up. Whether it is for weight loss, strength training, or core workout, these budget-friendly essentials are your go-to. After purchasing the basics, you can amp up and start buying machines of your choice. You can always upgrade and make additions as long as you have the money for it.

3. Space

If you are blessed enough to have a spare room then by all means, turn it into your very own gym cave. But when the space is limited, you need to work with what you have. You need to customize your exercises and pick ones that suit the space you’ve got, yet still produces successful fitness results.

Classic exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, leg raise, and high knees are old but gold. If you are worried about your cardio workout without a treadmill, don’t be. Most fitness coaches have successfully turned their clients into fit and healthy individuals without the use of treadmills.

You can still do a ten-minute cardio workout with a small space and not a treadmill in sight. According to this site (, there are 15 non-running ways to burn that fat and build that abs. A good stretching and bodyweight exercise is far better than a 30-minute run on the machine.

4. Create an atmosphere
Fill your space with visually motivating items or paraphernalia that will get you motivated despite any circumstances. Blast loud music while working out. Install a floor to ceiling mirror to correct your mistakes or just to inspire yourself. The most rewarding benefit of a home gym is you get to customize it the way you want to.

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