How to Find the Best Mattress for a Fitness Person

A healthy lifestyle rests upon three key components: diet, exercise, and sleep. I know some would say diet and exercise are enough, but, in fact, sleep is equally important, mainly when we work out. Here's how it goes: we tear muscle fibers when we complete intense exercises, but the muscle repairs and grows stronger during our sleep. That's why a good rest is crucial for a fitness person.

Sleep improves our mental health and hormonal balance: the growth hormone is produced when we sleep. The benefits translate into stronger biceps, increased calcium retention, reduced fat storage and also fat loss. Lack of proper sleep, on the other hand, has its drawbacks: it makes our fat cells not function as they should. Since they are the ones storing and releasing energy into our bodies, we need them to do their job.

Having the right sleeping support is vital for getting our repose. That's why choosing the perfect mattress is essential for a fitness person. I did a lot of research until finding the best one to suit my lifestyle. The fact is active people have specific recovery needs, just like professional athletes, so the mattresses we buy should meet particular requirements. Let me point out the most important ones:

Keeping the body cool
Our body shouldn't be too hot during sleep. That's why we need to look for multi-layered dense foam items featuring body cooling technology. Some manufacturers use a cushy gel foam top layer that is infused with copper; thus, it acts as a conductor and moves heat away from the body while sleeping.

Getting the blood flowing
Another modern technology uses thermo-reactive minerals inserted in the upper layer of the mattress. They convert the body heat into infrared light, which is then cast back to the body. Several medical studies have linked the infrared light to better circulation and cell recovery, which, in theory, strengthens the body's ability to recover during sleep.

Providing smart options
The newest top-notch mattresses come with an app that makes your tablet or smartphone act as a remote control. The best part is that each side can be managed separately if two people are sleeping on the same mattress. You can control five zones of the bed: head, shoulder, lumbar, hips and legs. The adjustments can be customized, or you can choose the automatic settings. According to Try Mattress, the smart bed is capable of adding support where you need it when you move in your sleep. And another cool thing is that a mattress like this tracks your movement and positions during rest, so you can review your sleep routine and see what you can do to improve it.

Offering the best comfort and support
A good night's sleep improves your reaction time, muscle memory and motor skills. Therefore, the comfort provided by the mattress is essential. Reading product reviews will help you learn the characteristics and benefits of any mattress. I highly recommend trying out the products, if possible and, if you're shopping online, make sure there's a trial period and that you understand the return policy of the retailer. Once you decide which mattress is the most comfortable for you and suits your needs best, you'll have a reliable friend to help you get the desired rest.

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