Essential Pieces Of Equipment For Your Home Gym

Who doesn't like a perfectly fit body? Most people often judge you by the way you look. So obviously everyone wants to look good. The most important thing that matters in looking good is your figure and the best way to reach your body goals is none other than proper diet and hitting the gym. Going to a gym on a regular basis requires time, and if the gym is far from your home, then the more time you'll have to spare. But why even bother going to a gym when the gym can come to you. Yes! You read it correctly.

However, you'll need some expert advice on how to pick the right equipment to purchase as you definitely would not want to overdo it. As mentioned by fitness enthusiasts at, you wouldn't need much for a home gym, what's important is you know how to use every equipment properly and stick to a regular routine. You don't want to end up with a cramped up gym with pieces of equipment that are not ideal for home use. 

Here are a few of the basic essential equipment that you'll need for your home gym.

1. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope is the most basic out of all the things and also the most important. Do you know 10 minutes of skipping is like a 30 minutes' walk? Even doctors recommend skipping rope on a daily basis for a short period of time. It helps to increase your blood circulation throughout the body.

2. Yoga Mat

Doing yoga is best for your body in so many ways. Yoga includes meditation and stretching out your body muscles. This helps to release all your muscle tensions and let your body be calm. The yoga mat is specially made of PVC (vinyl), jute and cotton to provide a soothing comforting effect and to ease your body out of all the worries and pain.

3. Dumbbells

The long list of exercises that you can do with dumbbells speaks for its importance. You can either do joint-isolation exercises including bicep curls, shoulder raises or you can do multi-planar full body. Most importantly, using dumbbells for exercise is good because it increases the muscle flexibility of your heart and lungs. Adjustable dumbbells are preferred for use.

4. Barbells

Barbells are the only equipment that you'll use besides dumbbells as a beginner. Barbells are mostly used to exercise on compound muscles, unlike dumbbell exercises where specific muscles can be focused. Barbells come at all qualities and prices but it is better to buy a good quality barbell which will allow you to have a better gym experience.

5. Bumper Weight Plates

A set of weight plates according to your body is a necessary piece of your home gym. Weight Plates come in different types as well as sizes but Bumper weight plates are better. They are made of thick rubber layers with an iron core in the middle. Bumper weight plates are being used to perform Olympic lifts due to which it has become a highly demanded gyming item recently.

6. Adjustable Exercise Benches

Benches are the basic equipment for any gym and the best ones are the Adjustable Exercise Benches. These are used to do a variety of exercises using variations of dumbbells or barbells along with it or by just using your body and stretching it at different angles.

7. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are fundamental pieces of equipment for a gym. They can be used to stretch your body muscles and also with other equipment such as barbells or push up bars. You can even use resistance bands when you're not exactly “gyming” or not allowed to go to the gym. Resistance bands are of help to relieve the pain.

8. Pull Up Bar

Pull up Bars are important to make your home gym well equipped. You can use a pull-up bar for more than just pull-ups. By using a pull-up bar along with resistance bands, you can greatly up your fitness level in a safer way in your home gym.

9. Gymnastic Rings

These rings help you to take your gym experience into a more gymnastic way. Gymnastic Rings are easy to use for your bodyweight exercises. These are lightweight and they increase the variety of your workout.

10. Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is a heavyweight shoulder-sized ball which is used to increase muscle strength. It is used to burn extra calories and build your abs and lower back muscles. Medicine Ball greatly helps to maintain a well-shaped body.

Using these basic items you can have a thrilling gyming experience right in your home space in a safe and sound manner. So don't let that free space sit in your home aimlessly, get up and take charge because you are the boss of your home and body.

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