5 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Cardio Workouts this Summer

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to hit the beach. Wouldn't it be great to do so while feeling fit, healthy, energetic, and confident in your skin? Summer weather is ideal for wearing minimal clothing and doing some workouts, whether indoors or outdoors. You can go for runs along the beach, walk, or do cardio to get your body in perfect shape. Below are some ways you can spice up your cardio workouts this summer.

Perform mobility workouts

As you age and continue with cardio workouts, the more your body craves maintenance around the muscles and joints. You can achieve this with regular mobility workouts like yoga, dynamic stretching, myofascial release, and eccentric activation. In addition, you can take summer classes to learn the different poses of each of these mobility workouts to gain some level of balance, flexibility, and strength.

Keep strength training

If you're looking to tone or sculpt your body, you can mix up cardio with strength training. You can attain the body you've always wanted by running routinely, performing HIIT workouts like squats and jumps, weight lifting, and lunges. For strength training, especially if you aren't going to the gym, you don't have to do it daily. However, ensure that a week doesn't pass without using some urethane dumbbells.

Supplement with other equipment

Cardio becomes more exciting when you have various equipment you can use other than a jump rope. With the ideal summer weather, you can use your bicycle often to run errands, go for picnics, or rush to work. If you don't have a bike, you can pass by the gym and use the treadmill and other available equipment to make your cardio effective.


Walking seems like something you might do daily, even without thinking about it. However, when it's hot outside, you are likely to want to indulge more in activities that involve sitting, like picnics and barbeques. Walking is an ideal way to stretch your legs after or before cardio to keep the muscles fresh.

Try as much as possible to get a good walk daily and keep track of the number of steps with an app to motivate you. After hard training especially, supplement stretches with walks to flush out the congestion. You can walk your pet to the park, go to the beach, and run errands on foot instead of driving.


Running is ideal for building strength in your muscles and increasing your pain tolerance when performing cardio. To make running efficient and spice up your cardio, vary the speed. You can run a short distance but ensure every week, your rate varies. You can run in intervals depending on the terrain, like flat areas, hilly, and sloppy. Make running more enjoyable and efficient by picking different terrains weekly so that our body doesn't get used to one route. You can also take morning runs as an ideal time to exercise your dog.

Many summer bodies are made during winter and spring but not maintained come June. There are many fun activities to engage in, so it's easy to forego health and fitness. However, you can make cardio workouts fun for you, even while at home, by including morning runs, walks, mobility workouts, and strength training. Use workout apps and other equipment to make cardio effective and keep you motivated.

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