10 Yoga Kit for Beginners – A Buyer's Guide

Yoga has become such a global phenomenon, if you are not a yogi yourself you definitely will have heard all about its practises. For yoga beginners it is important that they have the correct tools to allow them to truly grasp the art of yoga. Purchasing a yoga kit may be the best way to ensure that you have everything that is necessary for a yoga online class.

Choosing these kits can be daunting, especially for yoga beginners, but there are some great sets to choose from. Below are the top ten kits that you should consider before experimenting in the world of yoga.

1. Yoga United – Complete Yoga kit
This is a great kit for beginners to purchase due to its relaxed and soft products. The kit contains two yoga blocks, a yoga strap, a thick yoga map and a lavender eye pillow. The package is both cost effective and full of all the items you need to practise yoga well. As you are less flexible as a yoga beginner, this kit allows you to ease into poses and feel completely relaxed.

2. Clever Yoga Complete Yoga Set for Beginners
This seven-piece yoga starter kit is a brilliant investment for a beginner. The set includes a lightweight yoga mat, two foam yoga blocks, a cotton strap, a hand towel, a microfiber yoga mat and a carry case. The kit is great for a yogi that is on the move and allows them to practise all poses with ease.

3. Lixada 5 Piece Yoga Exercise Set
This kit is for the more relaxed yoga goer, it is not as detailed but give the customer enough items to be able to practise. The kit comes with a mat, a block a stretching belt, a mat strap and a mat bag. It is a humble beginners set for those customers that are still unsure and no not wish to invest so much into this new hobby.

4. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Starter Kit
The Sivan kit comes with a 12mm thick yoga mat that is wide and made from memory foam. This alone is a great addition to any yogi’s kit box; it is also a great starting point for a new yoga enthusiast too. Within the kit comes with two blocks, a yoga mat towel, a hand towel and a yoga strap. This it is very plush and vibrant making it a much more interesting purchase for the more outlandish yogi.  Also the microfiber towels are a great addition and really make a difference when practising poses.

5. Addax Yoga and Pilates Kit
Whilst this is not specifically for yoga beginners, this kit is still a great contender for any yoga enthusiast. The kit comes with a thin yoga mat, a yoga carry bag, four blocks and two bricks. Whilst this kit doesn’t encourage a rested and relaxing yoga vibe, it does allow the user to have more support whilst it is being used.

6. Yogamatters Iyengar Yoga Kit
This truly is a complete yoga kit, great for beginners and those hoping to fully kit out their yoga stash. This is for Iyengar yoga specifically, which is a specialist style, so this may be a deciding factor for the user. Regardless, the kit contains a carrier bag, a yogamatters sticky yoga mat, four lightweight foam yoga blocks, two foam bricks and a classic yoga belt.

7. Myga Yoga Starter Kit
This kit includes the bare essentials for a yoga beginner. The kit includes a 4mm thick mat, one yoga block and a yoga strap. Whilst it is quite bare compared to other sets, it still could be a contender for beginners that are still unsure about the hobby. This is also cost effective and has good reviews for resistance and retention.

8. Flexible Life Pilates Yoga Kit
This kit is designed especially for an eco-friendly yogi beginner. This six-piece kit contains a large cork mat, two different size yoga blocks, a yoga wheel, a cotton strap and a cork roller. This kit may be better suited to a more experienced yogi as opposed to a beginner. Nevertheless, this is a great kit for those customers hoping to expand their knowledge and practise of yoga quickly.

9. Venice Beach Pro Fitness Complete Yoga Kit
This kit is one of the best on the market for great value and variety. The kit is comprised of eight-pieces of equipment, this includes; a non-slip, yoga mat, a yoga blocks, a yoga strap, hand towels, a towel bag and a carrying case. This kit is good for getting all of your equipment to classes with ease. It is a great starting place for beginners.

10. Yogi Bundi Complete Yoga Kit Bag
Yogi Bundi is a well-known yoga brand that has certain expertise in its field. The kit is comprised of a yoga buni, a yoga mat, yoga pads and a purse to store them in. The kit is well made and sturdy, it also is a good starting place for yoga beginners, but those that have an interest and hope to further explore their practise.

Above are some of the best yoga kits on the market, whilst these are targeted at beginners some may be more tailored to intermediaries. Getting the right kit is an important part of your yoga practise, it is important to feel comfortable and supported at all times. Please ensure you choose a kit that fits your needs and allows you to better practise your poses.

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