Exhale: How to Get Rid of Autumn Moping

“It's time to punch out at work, hide under a blanket, put on some depressing TV show in the background, and suck wine through a straw.”

Sound familiar?

Then read our tips on how to make fall play in your favor. Say NO to Autumn Moping.

Open up to the World

Books, shows, movies, unusual games at Hellspin Casino, socializing. Choose people who inspire you. Books that motivate you. Try to ward off things that only absorb your energy and give nothing positive in return. Be open to something new, motivating, positive.

Spend All Your Money on Shopping

What's that money for if you can't part with it? Now is the best time to surround yourself with beautiful things. Buy warm knit sweaters, scented candles, or finally that toaster you've been dreaming of. Go for it! You can in the fall.

Hang out With Friends While It's Not Cold

And even if it is cold! Have a pajama party (even if you're a guy), hang out at a club like you did freshman year, wake up early in the morning, and go to the diner or your mom's kitchen for breakfast.

Hug Your Family

And friends you plan to hang out with at the pajama party too. Give love and you'll get love. And no moping will be a problem then.

Take a Bubble Bath

And go out and buy yourself the very, very, very big bath bombs. Throw it in the water, light some candles, fill a glass with champagne, and sit back and see how pretty it all looks. Just kidding, quickly dive into the tub before the water gets cold!

Prepare and Drink Warming Invigorating Drinks

Tea with citrus, ginger or cinnamon, herbal concoctions with your favorite berries and beneficial herbs, and, of course, mulled wine – now is the time for it.

Try to Shield Yourself From Negativity 

In today's coronavirus time, this is as important as wearing a mask in public places. Talk to positive people, those who love and accept you. Stay away from whiners and grumblers. Don't let yourself be infected with discouragement.

Add Colors

Let your clothing, jewelry, and interior design be dominated by bright warm colors. But it is better to avoid black and dark blue.

Find a New Hobby

Make a list of things you've always wanted to try but never got around to. Pick at least one on the list and go! It's motivating. You might want to finally take up Pilates, or start painting pictures, or learn to play the ukulele. The options are endless!

Throw out the Extra Stuff

A bag of bags, capron tights with a hole in them from last fall, a stretchy sweater you don't like, and lots of other junk that we keep pulling on our new lives for some reason. Throw it away mercilessly! You'll feel relieved.

Put on Some Music

Besides the pleasure of listening to your favorite songs, you can get great benefits. Sound waves have beneficial effects on the body and can even heal diseases. There is even such a trend – music therapy.

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