Top 5 Essentials of Healthy Housing

A healthy house is a space that is bright and open and has a welcoming feeling. If you live in the suburbs in Canada or downtown, your home is newly built or is being renovated. These Top 5 Essentials of Healthy Housing are what define healthy housing. These key elements will help you understand better how health and housing are connected.

1. Health of the Occupants

Healthy Housing emphasizes on superior quality of lighting, water and indoor air to promote health of the occupants. Energy Star windows are the answer to availability of different types of replacement windows in Calgary that can help achieve this. Also using furniture and fittings indoors that are made from low-emission, eco-friendly materials like wool, untreated cotton and hardwood, promote a healthier environment in the home.

2. Efficient Energy Usage

Of all the energy consumed in Canada, homes and dwellings account for 20% of it. Out of this 20%, 67% of it is used for cooling and heating purposes. 15% for heating water and 18% for lighting. The Healthy Housing promotes using energy efficiently in all seasons, whether it's the freezing winter or scorching summer. Insulating the home and using energy efficient appliances in the home help use energy in a more efficient manner. Frequently asked questions about Winnipeg windows have also provided solutions for people and created an awareness for Energy Star windows that help save energy in every weather.

3. Resource Efficiency

A Healthy House promotes an efficient utilization of all the resources available. It makes use of recycled eco-friendly material and uses all material efficiently. It also conserves water and energy. For example using water efficient toilets and showers. Durability of building materials and proper management of construction waste is essential. The different types of replacement windows in Calgary encourage using windows that are built to save energy and are made of eco-friendly material that help utilize resources efficiently.

4. Responsibility towards the Environment

The construction of a Healthy House is fundamental to environmental responsibility. A Healthy House encourages making a house plan that uses alternative water usage system, minimizes waste in construction, avoids creating waste that creates toxic landfills and promotes utilizing resources efficiently etc. For example recycle and compost to avoid creating garbage or buying windows made of recycled material from different types of replacement windows in Calgary. This approach encourages a way of thinking about building homes that contribute positively towards the environment and overall health of the planet.

5. Being Affordable

To be successful, a Healthy House should not only be affordable to the owner but also for the builder and even future generations. There are a number of features that can be tailored around the owner's needs in an affordable manner. The smart design and easy adaptability for the occupants, all contribute in making it a success in the marketplace.

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