5 Doctor's Note Examples for All Necessities

Being a healthcare specialist involves plenty of focus and as many rewards. You must make a time pressure decision, then you observe the results it leads to. You get to see patients getting healthy and notice how their body responds to the diet and lifestyle changes you advise. However, there’s an administrative side to this position. At a certain point, you will need to complete doctor’s notes for your patients.

Doctor’s notes are the documents that excuse patients from presence at work, school or in another context due to temporary illness. Companies and learning institutions require such documents to motivate someone’s absence. There is a set of information that these documents should include. However, you will need to use templates to ease your work. These are five examples of doctor’s note templates which fit most of the patients’ requests.

Standard Doctor’s Note

The standard doctor’s note is the most versatile form of document template you can use. It can easily adjust to any kind of request that a patient, male or female, can work. The note certificates that a patient has been consulted and will return to school/work in an upcoming date. According to TemplatesAssistant, the note is useful for both the receiving institution and the patient for a quicker recovery. Aside from the overall template, you should view more examples and personalize the chosen ones with your data.

This note has a comments section you can use to outline the diagnostic and the main recommendation for recovery. The section also provides enough space for additional recovery guidelines. You can add the prescription drug for the patient in the designated Rx section.

Doctor’s Note for School

Excuse notes for school are typically simple and don’t require a lot of writing. However, some institutions require detailed information. A successful example consists of the name of the student and consultation time and date. For further transparency, the above example includes who consulted the student.

Since the document has administrative purposes, it includes the physician’s name, address and signature. The most important information here is when the student can go back to school. This document is concise enough to ease the teachers’ work also. However, you can issue another document with recovery guidelines exclusively for the patient.

Landscape Doctor’s Note for Work

The landscape is easy to read and self-explanatory for you and the reader. The example outlines the doctor signature and stamp to avoid a visible difference between writing and the signature. This template includes all the necessary information about the patient’s condition. Also, the limited space for restrictions allows you to refrain from unnecessary details for the employer.

The example contains the patient’s name, diagnosis and three rows where you can write restrictions for recovery. The resting period is completed by date of the consultation.

Urgent Care Doctor’s Note

The urgent care note is useful whenever you consult a patient who needs immediate attention and treatment. Such a template is detailed enough for the employer and concise enough for the patient’s privacy. The template also includes the day when the patient can resume work or school, restrictions, date of diagnosis, doctor’s name and contact phone number, address, date of issue and signature.

The above example allows you to personalize it with the cabinet’s logo and additional information. If you choose to insert contact details in the note’s header, you can erase the sections from the note and make it friendlier.  Moreover, this type of document is suitable for all types of absence justification documents for all patients.

Storytelling Excuse Note

There are employers or institutions who ask for detailed excuse notes. Such a document is the above example. Under the patient’s details, you can type the treatment days – one per row. You will also need the employer’s or teacher’s name.

The storytelling section should expand the patient’s situation from the consultation’s beginning to results. Feel free to include symptoms, diagnosis, restrictions and guidelines, prescription drugs and any other relevant information.

Writing Notes

Imagine a day’s work with ten appointments and a few more patients who come unannounced. According to a study, people usually avoid medical care and only see a doctor when they suspect that something is wrong. Surprisingly enough, people don’t usually turn to the physician because they think they can resolve the problem by themselves. Some respondents even mentioned they can tell when their blood pressure is high. So, whenever a patient opens your door, there are high chances there’s a reason behind the appointment.

So, you may have to write even more than a simple doctor’s note throughout a day’s work. Make sure you ease your work as much as possible, by turning to some easy-to-write templates. Print out a few and keep them at hand. You might need to use them sooner than you think.

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