Do You Need an ESA? Here's How to Know

Emotional support animals are not widely known nor are they legally accepted in many places. Unlike therapy animals, most restaurants don't allow ESA in because they don't understand their importance in some people's lives. You may not even know that you need one to get better and to feel alive again. Since you are reading this, then you must be wondering whether you can qualify for an ESA or not. There are a lot of indications and signs that you need to pay attention to. To point you in the right direction, here's how you can tell that you need an ESA.

Age-Related Cognitive Decline

With age-related diseases, there is always a decline in mental ability. The concentration levels drop down, and the condition progresses in some cases, eventually leading to dementia. Having a pet around is a constant reminder for older adults to keep themselves in check. Mental deterioration can be slowed down if the person is using their ability to think and follow a schedule along with medications. 

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

You may feel like you need to have something or someone around you at all times to help you in your everyday tasks. Regular pets are generally prohibited from going on a plane, but since people diagnosed with anxiety experience horrible episodes in the air, the policy has changed to allow emotional support animals to fly with their owners.  

If you suffer from anxiety, you need to have legal documents to prove that you are entitled to having a pet with you everywhere you go. The only problem is that people with a mental or physical disability often struggle with going to a therapist. In that case, it's best to search for an online website where you can be effortlessly assessed by a licensed therapist. You can also have your ESA letter delivered to your doorstep.


People diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have a hard time staying in one place, planning ahead of time, or sticking to a schedule, and they also tend to be forgetful. ADHD needs to be treated early to keep it from becoming a huge obstacle in the patient's life that can make them unable to even read. 

If you are living with ADHD and you get a pet, it will help you stay on track and provide consistency in your life. You have to feed, wash, and care for your new friend regularly, this helps you stay focused for a long time, which can indirectly aid in controlling the disease. 

Bipolar Disorder

This disorder is most popular for the emotional hurricanes it can cause and how your mood can change from being happy and laughing to having suicidal tendencies. An animal can detect the change in human emotions as soon as they start to develop and that's how they can stop their owner from committing any irrational actions by reminding them that there is a little friend whose life depends on them. 

Also, bipolar patients suffer from manic episodes where they talk too much, too fast. Some people won't be able to handle the hyperactivity, but animals are patient, and they listen to their friends without ever getting bored. They can be there for a bipolar person through all the ups and downs. 


People who have experienced a harsh incident in their lives can be left traumatized for a while. The trauma sometimes shows itself in the form of nightmares, out of body experiences, or endless cycles where the survivors keep reliving the whole thing again and end up losing any sense of reality. If you suffer from this, a canine companion can help take away the stress before it builds up. 

Moreover, they will keep on diverting your mind away from your own dark thoughts, and remind you that the horrible situation has passed and that you are safe now. Plus, with an ESA by your side, you will have a reason to get out of the house and get over the fear you have.

Substance-Related Disorder

People who suffered from substance abuse and are on their road to recovery are prone to having their bodies stop producing endorphins. This lack of production is because they are used to getting the required neurotransmitters from an outside source, so the body forgets how to do it on its own. 

Moreover, people often shun recovering addicts and treat them as if they have made an irredeemable mistake. Your little furry companion, on the other hand, will never judge you or make you feel bad about yourself, they will actually help stimulate your nervous system to produce dopamine, which will make you feel happy again. 

If you have been diagnosed with any of the above disorders or other diseases that cause stress, depression, and anxiety, then you qualify for an ESA. Your life will become different and better once you see the shimmering eyes of your new ball of sunshine. It is best to regularly check and look out for all of the above signs, especially the possibly life-threatening ones, to be able to get the help needed early on.

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