Different Types Of Medical Marijuana

When we consider marijuana as a medical treatment, there's a lot to look for.

There are a lot of different factors to take into account because there is a wide range of illnesses that can be treated with medical cannabis. The research of this type of treatment is limited due to the organizations' and countries' restrictions towards this plant. Cannabis has fantastic relaxing and pain-relieving properties.

Some researchers have discovered that marijuana can help with several diseases. For example, reducing nausea in cancer patients, reduction of chronic pain, limited relieve for epileptic patients, and improving appetite in HIV patients.

Medical cannabis can be taken in many ways – in pills, oil, smoking, dermal patches, and more. This way, you can experiment with many methods and find out which one you prefer.

In order to have access to your natural medication, you might want to consider getting a medical marijuana card. If you live in states where medicinal cannabis is legal, like Arizona, you can get your medical marijuana card online without even having to leave your home.

Cannabis has many different strains, and each one has different quantities and ratios of the active components. The strains that we decide to use for medical reasons should depend on what we're trying to achieve.

This plant is a genus that has three main species, which are Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. This last species isn't really known in the world, so we're going to take a closer look at Sativa and Indica.


These cannabis plants grow shorter than Sativa; they are wider, dense foliage, and they have a darker shade of green.

The effects of Indica marijuana tends to be heavier and focused on the body rather than on the mind.

Some cannabis plants can contain a percentage of those two species, giving you the best of both worlds. While Sativa gives you the mood uplift, Indica relaxes your body and makes you feel less anxious. Some examples of this species are weed purple haze, bubble kush, and Gelato by ILGM.


This strain has a relaxing, unwinding, stress-relieving vibe. They are classified as a sedative because they help relieve tension at any level, whether it is mentally, emotionally, or physically.

The best time to consume Indica marijuana is later on in the day or after a hard day at work – these are the times where we are more stressed out or tired. Taking time to disconnect and de-stress, will lift up your mood and you will feel renewed.

Indica is also great for those who suffer from mental conditions like insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, and eating disorders. It's good for not only mild diseases, but it can also help with the effects of neurological illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis.


This species thrives in colder climates, which lead them to evolve in order to survive. Indica weed contains higher levels of resins to protect themselves from the harsh and inhabitable environment they grow in.

It provides a sensation of protection and insulation from the pain and stress we might be experiencing.


Sativa plants tend to grow higher than Indica, they are thinner, and the color is lighter. The effects are more neurological and cognitive.


The effects of Sativa marijuana tends to be lighter, and it will give you a euphoric feeling.

They are psychologically stimulating and provide a deeper analysis of things. This means that it will give you the right mind space in order to see things more clearly when you're trying to make a decision.

Sativa strains can provide a very positive high, but it can be too intense and introspective. Also, it is known to support the creative process; that's why people like artists and musicians prefer this strain over Indica.

Taking this plant during the daytime is the most recommendable time. They can give very energizing and uplifting effects, so they will provide you with the energy you require to accomplish your everyday tasks.


Sativa weed come from equatorial regions, and they prefer hotter and humid climates.

This plant is pretty noticeable, due to its characteristics of being long and with narrow leaves. They use their energy in order to expand further rather than insulating themselves as Indica does.

As well as with Indica, its natural behavior simulates the effects they give. It's energizing, expanding, and stimulating to the mind.

What Should You Consume?

After learning about the effects and growth, let's clear an important point.

The THC contents of Indica strains are higher than Sativa species, although there can be some variations. Depending on your condition, you might prefer one over the other.

Sativa strains tend to be better for psychological disorders, while Indica plants are targeted towards body aches.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana has a vast market and species to choose from. The primary ones are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids. Each one has a different amount of cannabinoids, which will determine what is recommended.

Always remember to buy from a trusted seller, and do everything legally.

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