CBD Oil and THC Oil. The difference? A guide for UK buyers

Are They Both Cannabis Oil?

Everywhere we look, we see advertisements and information on CBD oil. How is it possible that we see information about CBD oil everywhere, yet we are still so confused. At this point, we know what CBD oil is, but what is cannabis oil?

For the longest time, we felt the same confusion. Through careful research and practice, we've managed to hammer out the details. Now we want to share what we've learned with you.

CBD Oil or THC Oil

The first question we'd like to answer is this. What is the difference between CBD oil and THC oil? For starters, both oils earn their name from their primary cannabinoid. 

CBD oil contains large amounts of cannabidiol. The primary cannabinoid in THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, These two cannabinoids are the most extensively researched because they are presumed to provide the user with many benefits. THC and CBD share many qualities, but there is one very important difference.


There are a few things you should understand about CBD oil. The first is that the oil is extracted from the entire cannabis plant. This process encourages the collection of an assortment of cannabinoids. In some oils, there are as many as four hundred different cannabinoids.

This oil is used for the effects. Research has indicated that CBD oil may help to alleviate pain and assist in managing anxiety and depression. The oil can be taken as a supplement in capsule, droplet, or spray forms. It is also available as an e-liquid, vaporizer, or sweet treat.


THC oil is only extracted from cannabis plants that have a high concentration of THC, Some THC oils contain the cannabinoid CBD. This type of oil is used for the psychoactive effect caused by the cannabinoid THC. THC oil is primarily purchased for recreational uses.

THC oil is most similar to marijuana. Because of these similarities THC oil is illegal in most areas. In some regions, the use of THC oil is legal. This can become an issue. CBD oils can contain up to 0.3 percent THC. In regions where THC oil is legal, some CBD oils may be considered THC oils.

The Difference

After reading the two sections above, you probably realize the most important difference between CBD oil and THC oil. THC oil is psychoactive, while CBD oil is not. This is the key difference that allows CBD oil to be legal, while THC oil remains illegal in most areas, 

Another key difference is the plants the oils are extracted from. CBD oil is extracted from plants with very low THC levels. THC oil is taken from cannabis with high THC levels. CBD oil is generally extracted from hemp plants. These plants are bred to contain lower levels of THC,

Hemp Oil

Check out the skincare aisle at a local store. More than likely, you will see multiple items that include hemp oil. Hemp oil's primary use is for skincare. The oil is also used during cooking. 

It is common to mix hemp oil into a warm beverage. The oil has very little flavor, so it does not alter the taste of your food. If hemp oil is included in a topical, it works best when applied to wet skin. The topical should then be rubbed in thoroughly.

This oil is only extracted from hemp seeds. That's why you may know it by hemp seed oil. Because the oil is extracted from seeds, the oil contains no THC. Hemp oil is non-psychoactive and provides many benefits to your skin.


Marijuana is an herb, heavily consisting of the cannabinoid THC. It is primarily used as a recreational drug that provides the user with a ‘high' effect. Though there is a lot of debate over the legalization of marijuana, it is still illegal in most areas.

This herb is used for its effects. The herb can be smoked or ingested after prepared as an edible. Many people enjoy the effects because it can improve your appetite and mindset for some time.

Marijuana is generally harvested from recreational cannabis plants loaded with THC. The drug is illegal. This means that the distribution of it is completely unregulated. The use of marijuana could impact your mental health. The short term effects of marijuana include anxiety and depression.

Is It All Cannabis Oil?

Marijuana is not an oil. It could not be considered a cannabis oil. Hemp oil, THC oil, and CBD oil all fall under the umbrella labeled cannabis oil. The term cannabis oil is used to cover any oil extracted from a plant in the cannabis family. 

This means that any combination of hemp oil, THC oil, or CBD oil could be considered cannabis oil. However THC oil is not hemp or CBD oil, Each oil produces different effects and contains different ingredients. THC and CBD oil both contain cannabinoids. Hemp does not.

In some ways, there are two categories of Cannabis oil. There are psychoactive oils, like THC oil, and non-psychoactive oils, including hemp and CBD oils. This idea can carry over to marijuana and hemp as well. Hemp is non-psychoactive while marijuana is psychoactive.

Marijuana and THC oil could be harvested from the same plants. The same could be said for hemp and CBD oil. This idea plays a large role in the legality of these herbs and oils. In most cases, a product with large amounts of THC will be illegal because it produces similar effects to marijuana.

Blessed CBD grows hemp. We extract the ingredients of our CBD oil from the hemp plant. We are careful in the care of our plants. Hemp can absorb the toxins from its environment. Our plants are grown in a carefully monitored environment to ensure that our oil is one hundred percent organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO. This is how we create the best CBD oil UK.

We provide clear information on all of our Blessed CBD products. We do this to ensure that you have all of the information needed to make an informed decision. Our website holds the lab results of each strand and the process we use to manufacture our CBD products.

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