Can You Use Boric Acid for a Yeast Infection

Boric Acid Suppositories: A new powerful ally for women 

You probably used boric acid for bv before, but did you know its perks when used for treating yeast infection? It turns out that boric acid suppositories are a hidden treasure, and we cannot wait to discover how they work!

Although for a longer time, experts argued for boric acid suppositories effectiveness, for more than 200 years it has been used as an antiseptic and disinfectant on deeper wounds, scratches, or cuts. It is known for its strong antiviral and antifungal action, and this is precisely the reason why its properties as a vaginal suppository have been studied.

When you experience an imbalance between the good bacteria from the vaginal flora and the bad bacteria that can be also found in the vagina, then you might be suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis also causes an unusual odor, and sometimes it comes with some vaginal discharge, as well. Other than this, people can also experience burning pain while urinating or having intercourse.

To treat bacterial vaginosis, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics. Boric acid suppositories can be used alongside antibiotics. Studies have shown that they could increase the efficiency of the treatment, making the bad bacteria vulnerable to the action of antibiotics.

When it comes to yeast infections, the symptoms are slightly different. If you are experiencing irritation, itching, or swelling in the sensitive area, you should call your doctor and make an appointment for a check-up. Yeast infections result from increased yeast growth, which can be naturally found in the flora of the vagina but in lower numbers.

Some people experience multiple symptoms regarding vaginal yeast infections, such as a thick discharge that does not smell or pain during intercourse. Vaginal yeast infection does not qualify as an STD but having multiple sexual partners can make you prone to developing it.

Doctors recommend the boric acid capsules because they prevent you from getting reinfected with yeast infection after finishing the antifungal treatment prescribed by the specialist. 

Doctors recommend it often as an adjuvant alongside antibiotics and other common medication for yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. Boric acid capsules are especially prescribed for recurrent medical conditions that return when the patient stops taking the drugs. 

Don't worry about its name! Boric acid is perfectly safe for your vagina! The vagina is an environment that has a pH level that normally fluctuates between 3.4 and 4.5. It is perfectly safe for your vagina, and its pH is close to the natural pH of the vagina. 

Boric acid suppositories do not require a special prescription from your health care provider as they are available over the counter. However, we recommend consulting a doctor before taking any kind of treatment as it could not be the perfect one for your condition.

Among its perks, we cannot help but mention its affordable price, too! Also, these suppositories are effective in drug-resistant strains of bacteria or yeast, which is especially important since there is no use in antibiotics.

Usually, your health care provider tells you which type of boric acid suppositories you should get, how, and for how long. The treatment time ranges between two to three weeks, and the recommended dose is one boric acid suppository per day, inserted at the same hour of the day.

There are specific steps that you should follow to insert the capsule correctly:

  • First, you should ensure that your hands are clean by washing them with soap and warm water before touching the capsule.
  • Then, it is essential to lay in a comfortable position that allows you to insert the suppository. Many women prefer laying on their back with their knees bent.
  • The suppository should be inserted as far as possible without causing discomfort or pain. Depending on the brand that you have, you can use either the applicator or your fingers to insert the capsule.
  • If you used the applicator, remove it and then dispose of it.
  • Boric acid suppositories can sometimes leak outside the vagina, so we advise you to wear a panty liner for comfort.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands at the end of the treatment.

Because of their busy schedule, many women find it easier to insert the boric acid suppository before bedtime. This way, they also avoid unwanted leaks during the day, and they feel better and fresh in the morning.

There are, of course, other things that you should keep in mind while using the boric acid capsule. Although you might feel better after the first three days of treatment, you should continue medication to make sure that the medical condition you had is completely healed.

Never take any sort of medication before consulting with your healthcare provider about the dosage, the frequency, and the duration of the treatment. They should also help you choose the type of medication that best fits your condition.

If you are suffering from an acute infection, your doctor might recommend you inserting boric acid capsules twice a day. Don't worry, it is completely safe!

Boric acid suppositories should not be used during pregnancy since the chemical substances could harm the developing fetus. Also, if you have a cut or an open wound in the vagina or near it, you should avoid using boric acid capsules. These suppositories are designed to be used via vaginal insertion, and they should never be taken orally.

Rarely, some women experience minor side effects from using boric acid capsules. These side effects can range from a mild change of color in the vaginal area to watery discharge. The tablet takes longer to dissolve to a burning sensation in the sensitive area.

If these symptoms continue, do not use the boric acid capsules anymore. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and consult them to change your treatment. Seek medical help if the symptoms do not stop after ending treatment.

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