Can You Pass A Hair Test On Short Notice

When looking to beat a short-notice mandatory drug test, your options are limited. Blood testing is uncommon, as it provides ample detection window, oral tests are easy to adulterate, and urinalysis is fooled by using fake urine. However, hair drug tests are incredibly hard to fool, making them the most dreaded of tests among stoners.

What makes hair follicle so scary is its effectiveness, accuracy, and an incredibly long detection span. Hair testing is a much more intricate procedure, with a lower cut-off level value of THC metabolites in the sample. They're also much higher to fool, as you can't substitute your sample, as you would with a urine test.

Due to the mechanics of hair growth, THC metabolites that get stuck in the hair shaft, stay there forever. THC, as an organic component, can survive for an indefinite amount of time in human hair, given the right conditions. That's why hair tests have such an incredible detection span.

However, there are several ways of combating the issue of short-notice hair drug testing. Those options include hair detox products, DIY home remedies, and some structured detox methods. But, do these options really work? Can you pass a hair drug test on short notice?

What are your options?

There's a limited number of things you can do when facing a short-notice hair drug test. But limited options are still options and every option count. So, let's start breaking them down, and discuss whether or not any of them will help you pass a hair drug test on short notice.

1. Shaving off your head
Shaving off your head for a mandatory drug testing is not a good idea, for several reasons. Showing up to the lab with a freshly shaved head will most likely turn some red flags, and raise some questions. In theory, shaving your head means that there's no sample for you to produce, and thus no testing should take place.

But in practice, things work little differently. You're not the first to show up at the lab with a freshly shaved head, and lab technicians found a way around it. Body hair is also suitable, and they can use whatever body hair for their sample, including armpit hair.

So, in terms of effectiveness, shaving your head, and your entire body isn't going to work. While it may prevent the lab staff from testing your hair, they can always test your urine.

2. DIY home remedies
The internet is filled with DIY home remedies that supposedly help wash out THC metabolite from your hair. Some of these methods include dying your hair, bleaching it, and washing it with lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, or detergent.

The truth is that none of these methods work, as they lack the required potency to wash out THC from your hair properly. Resorting to any of these methods will only result in disappointment and a positive drug test.

3. Hair Detox Shampoo
Unlike the previous two methods, hair detox shampoos do a great job of removing THC from your hair. Regular shampoo products are suitable for cleaning your hair, but they lack the power to penetrate the hair shaft and remove the residual THC. That's why you should always use specially formulated hair detox shampoos, as they're potent enough to penetrate the hair shaft, and remove any residual drug metabolites.

However, not all hair detox products are created equally, and some are more effective than others. You should always invest in best hair detox shampoos when detoxifying your hair since they're usually more effective than low-quality products.

4. Structured hair detox methods
Hair detox shampoos are an effective way of washing out residual THC from your hair. But they work wonders when they're incorporated into a structured hair detox method. It would help if you kept in mind that these methods, though highly praised, do have a microscopic chance of failure. Be that as it may, these are by far the most effective methods of detoxifying your hair.

The first method, called the Jerry G Method, is an eight-step method that involves hair dye and bleach. It's a very invasive method that will surely strip dug metabolites out of the shafts of your hair. But it can also destroy your hair and damage your scalp.

The second method, called The Macujo Method, is the only recommended method for removing THC from your hair. It includes three different hair detox shampoos, white vinegar, Tide Detergent, and a lot of work. But it's far less invasive, far easier on the hair, and much more expensive compared to other methods. Still, it's worth every penny spent, as it can help you pass a drug test on short notice.


Given many available options and products on the market, there is a chance you can pass a drug test on short notice. However, we highly advise against shaving your head or dying your hair as ways of removing THC from your hair, since they're highly ineffective. Using any other invasive methods can be detrimental to your health.

Your safest options are hair detox shampoos, or The Macujo Method, as they're highly efficient and won't damage your health.

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