Boost Your Health While In Quarantine – Here's How

Quarantine is an incredibly difficult time for all of us as the normal daily routine of our lives has been disrupted and we are faced with spending unprecedented amounts of time in our homes. We have time on our hands to indulge in other activities, especially eating, and we may have inadvertently put on weight and started to lead an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle centered around the sofa.

However, as quarantine has left us with this free time that we’re not used to, why not use this opportunity to boost your health while you have fewer distractions?

Here we are going to take a look at exactly how you can boost your health while under quarantine.

Take up yoga

Yoga is the trendy activity to take up whilst in quarantine and it is easy to see why. All you need to take part is a mat, some loose-fitting clothing, and a laptop so that you can learn from your favorite teacher. The barriers to entry are practically zero and anybody of any age or fitness can take part. So what are the benefits? Well, practicing yoga gives you a great cardiovascular workout as well as helping to tone your muscles and increase flexibility. It also offers great mental health benefits as it teaches you to relax and be at one with yourself and your surroundings.

Eat healthily

Eating healthily is key to our wellbeing at the best of times, but never more so than when we are under quarantine. As our pace of life slows down, rather than comfort eating we should be home cooking using the freshest fruit and vegetables available, to give our bodies a boost from all those beneficial vitamins and nutrients. If you are unable to access fresh food or don’t have the knowledge to cook healthily then Thomas from recommends that you take supplements in order to boost your immune system and promote weight loss, which is incredibly important during the Coronavirus pandemic. Mitigate your slow-paced life under lockdown by eating healthily and taking supplements, and you will come out the other side in a much healthier position.


Running can give you the ultimate lockdown health boost because it is an activity anyone can take part in and is absolutely free! Everyone has a pair of trainers and shorts or leggings in the back of their wardrobe so pull them out and start pounding the pavements. Luckily, we are entering summer so the weather has changed to make this outdoor activity even more appealing. If, conversely, you are approaching winter then an alternative is to invest in an indoor treadmill to save you getting up at the crack of dawn for those gloomy early morning runs. Use a fitness app to track your runs and compete against your friends over routes and distances to further motivate yourself. Running really will give you the ultimate lockdown fitness boost.


It may sound surprising to advocate sleep during quarantine but actually it is crucial to our health. In normal times many of us live 24/7 lives, always on the go, and we never give our bodies the chance to rest and recuperate. This period then is an ideal opportunity to give your body and mind the chance to reset and regenerate. The more you sleep the more relaxed you will be and this will help your mental health and improve your mood lessening the chances of you turning stir crazy during the lockdown. So, give yourself a blissful 8 hours a night and you will come out of this unfortunate situation with renewed energy, just raring to go.

Keep hydrated

Whilst we are sitting on the sofa watching our favorite series or drama it often escapes us to drink enough water when actually it is one of the easiest ways of improving our health. Drinking lots of fluids keeps us hydrated and can help to prevent all sorts of ailments from headaches to kidney stones and from bladder issues to constipation. You can even liven up boring old water with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, so keep a bottle by your side and feel the myriad benefits that drinking water provides.

Boosting your health under quarantine is easy if you have a little bit of motivation and are prepared to put in the effort required. Eat healthily and avoid unnecessary sugary fizzy drinks and fatty foods and ensure you are drinking water throughout the day. If you couple an improved diet with lots of exercises in the form of yoga or running then you will emerge from quarantine much healthier and with a renewed spring in your step to tackle life and all that it brings.

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