What Is Homeostasis And How Is It Maintained?

The world, and in this case, the body, are all the sum of their parts. The entire system of something relies on a lot of variable aspects or parts. For the world, this could mean the economy, society, and other major functions of how things interact. While the body is not comparable in the same sense, it too is reliant on systems to keep it running.

Homeostasis is an idea that relates to a lot of things but it can be applied to the understanding of the human body very well. Here is what you need to know about homeostasis and why it is important.

The Basics of Homeostasis

As mentioned, homeostasis is how systems are balanced. Due to the fact that there is so much going on inside the human body, there is a lot that needs to be kept in check. These balances refer to chemical, physical, and other functions of the body. It is hard to see how everything comes together in an internal system like a human body but it is best put into context. When you are sick, your body usually raises in temperature, like the flu. This rise in body temperature affects things like the functionality of your organs, your immune system, your hydration levels. As you can see, simple changes can result in big fluctuations in this equilibrium, or balance, of how the whole system works. It is best understood that any and all variables that occur within or outside of the body affect the body as well.

Why is Homeostasis Important

Homeostasis is important for one simple fact – that it is constantly occurring, so to speak. Homeostasis is not necessarily a state of being for the body, but rather it is always happening and thus it is always a priority to maintain a good balance of those variables. Homeostasis is the way that your body is trying to regulate itself to maintain this consistent state of optimal performance. From neurotransmission to blood pH levels, these factors are all highly integral to life itself for an organic being such as your body.

How to Maintain Homeostasis

The body does a rather fantastic job of doing this itself as the purpose of homeostasis, in the form of the receptors, control centers, and effectors are to keep this balance autonomously from your actions. Of course, it reacts to changes regardless of whether you are responsible so there are steps you can do on your end to help keep the homeostasis of your body from having to work too hard. The supplement alovea, which is derived from the aloe vera plant, is among many ways that the body's immune system can be supported by external factors. This helps in maintaining your body's health, but importantly, it reduces how much this homeostasis balance is being influenced. 

As you can see it is hard to understand how the body works without knowing that there are an incredible amount of variables. Homeostasis is the natural balance that the body is attempting to achieve in the maintenance of this equilibrium for health. It is a very complex interweaving of processes, but necessary nonetheless.

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