Fight the Effects of Aging and Help Promote Weight Loss

Losing weight is something that a lot of us strive to do, but once you hit a certain age, it becomes a very difficult task. There are many changes that our bodies go through as we age, and this has massive effects on how our bodies react to different things in our lives, including food and weight loss.

To combat that, we've put together a guide on how to fight the effects of aging and lose weight.

1. Reduce stress

As we age, our stress levels increase, and it seems there's no sign of them ever decreasing on their own. An increase in stress can increase release of stress hormone called cortisol, which then triggers our fight or flight responses. Without using this increased energy, it eventually gets stored as fat in the body. You can reduce the effects of stress and promote weight loss by eating healthy foods, getting more sleep and exercising regularly. Exercise increases your endorphins which can elevate your mood, while you sleep, levels reduce the risk of you being stressed for no reason.

2. Increase your muscle mass

A decrease in metabolism as we age is a large contributor to our inability to lose as much weight when compared to our younger years. For every decade after you turn 40 years old, your metabolism is estimated to decrease up to 5%. One potential reason for this is that your muscle mass, which affects your metabolism, declines as you age. In order to fight this effect of aging, you can increase your muscle mass by exercising, as well as eating nutritious dense foods like beans, seeds and nuts in your meals. You can also increase your protein intake as you age in order to reduce the effect of muscle mass.

3. Consider hormone replacement therapy

Hormone therapy might sound like a bit of an out-there idea, but there have been demonstrated results of using human growth hormones to fight the natural process of aging. Hormone therapy doesn't have to be unsafe, however. Sermorelin is a human growth hormone releasing compound that works by stimulating the pituitary gland in order to increase your body's own production of human growth hormone. This particular compound is totally safe, and patients start to see the positive effects of it on their sleep and weight loss within three to six months of treatment.

4. Burn fat

Along with the loss of muscle that you experience as you age, you also increase your body fat, specifically, the type of fat that stores excess calories. There are no special instructions for getting rid of this fat as you age; in fact, the method is the same for people of any age. The key to getting rid of it is to exercise more and to adopt a healthy diet.

Our bodies go through numerous changes as we age, but one of the worst is the inability to lose weight as easily as we did in our younger years. In order to overcome these changes, we must adopt strategies that focus on the way our bodies work now. By focusing on increasing our muscle mass, reducing stress, paying attention to our hormone and fat levels, we will be able to successfully shift the excess weight.

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