9 Signs That You Need to Improve Your Posture

Good posture is so important because it is how humans are meant to carry themselves, determined through millions of years of evolution. By not having good posture we don't use our bodies efficiently, which can be painful and cause long term issues. You will be able to see and/or feel the signs that you have poor posture, but you may not necessarily know that your bad posture is the cause of these issues. You may well attribute it to your age or genetics. Poor posture and most forms of chronic pain predominantly to do with how you have been using your body up until that point in your life.

Below are nine signs that should indicate that you need to check your own posture, and figure out how you can improve it.


If you find yourself slouching frequently then you should absolutely consider fixing your posture. Slouching is bad for your neck, back, spine, and it just straight up looks bad. By sitting up straight consistently you will look and feel better! 

Neck pain

Experiencing neck pain is one glaring sign that you have bad posture habits. This can be caused by texting, sitting in cars, reading, or looking down for a long period of time. Be sure to monitor the amount of time you spend texting at angles that are bad for your posture. Neck issues can be very dangerous because of the amount of nerves that run through the neck over a short amount of tissue. 

Leg pain

Leg pain can actually be an indicator of bad posture habits! If you find that you are experiencing leg pain or pain in your glutes, there is a good chance you don't sit with proper posture a lot of the time. Stretching out your legs can also in turn help you with any back issues. Some simple exercises include touching your toes slowly and holding. Only go as far and for as long as is comfortable for you in order to avoid injury or unnecessary strain. 

Spine issues

If your doctor has told you that you are developing spine issues, then there is a good chance that you need to work on your posture. Many spine issues can be caused or exacerbated by poor posture, so be careful to sit properly to avoid developing anything more. If you are diagnosed with a serious spine issue then make sure to get a referral to a specialist to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment available. 

Problems bending over

Problems bending over often indicates that your back muscles are very tight. This tension can cause extreme pain and make things as simple as bending over extremely difficult, or even outright impossible. This tension is often caused by underlying activities that we do every day and don't notice, such as sitting with incorrect posture. By building good habits and fixing our bad ones we can make sure that we stay healthy, limber, and avoid any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Difficulty picking up heavy objects

The initial warning signs of impending back issues can sometimes be observed when trying to pick up heavy objects from the floor. If you have been experiencing pain when lifting, even mild pain, then you should consider working on improving your posture. If you are experiencing pain, there are some things you can do to help treat it. The chiropractic experts at Alignmeridian.com have stated that placing emphasis on rehabilitation, chiropractic, and other forms of treatment will help you get on the mend quickly. Some options include anti-inflammatory medication, and stretching. If you are experiencing serious pain or issues then you could consider seeking professional help. 

Sitting long hours

If you have a desk job, or a career that requires you to sit for long periods of time, then there is a good chance you will have some posture issues, unless of course you are perfect all the time, in which case you can stop reading here. If you must sit for long hours be sure to be conscious of how you sit and your posture. Sitting for long hours with incorrect posture can have long term and short term health implications. Be sure to break up any sitting you have to do with a little bit of intermittent walking. A recommended ratio is to get up for 10 minutes after each hour of work. 

This assures that you don't become fatigued, which can lead to building bad habits. Also consider sitting on a yoga ball instead of using an office chair. This will help you engage your core and force you to sit with better posture. 

You have a family history

If people in your family have a history of experiencing back issues or bad posture, then there is a chance that you might be at risk of experiencing similar issues. Be sure to talk to your family about their medical history, to investigate any history of back issues. If you find nothing, then it is reassuring, and if you find there is a history of posture issues, then you will be able to be proactive in preventing these issues from becoming aggravated or worse.

You don't stand up to your full height

One sign that your posture needs to be improved is when you or other family and friends begin to notice that you are not standing up to your full height. This is often a sign of extreme back issues, and if you are experiencing this you should see a doctor as soon as possible. By working on improving your posture you will begin to stand at your full height again, and stop experiencing any associated pain or discomfort. 

Hopefully this article has served as an early warning sign that you or someone you know needs to improve their posture. Being able to use our backs comfortably is a luxury that many take for granted, and if you fail to watch your own posture then it can be easy to lose that ability. Incorporate some of the suggested solutions into your routine to make sure that you stay healthy and limber, and avoid any unnecessary pain or discomfort. 

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